Where does this go?

Don’t click through until you’ve made a guess? If you’re really far off it means you haven’t been reading enough BME!




If you still haven’t guessed correctly this is a 1 1/2 inch cylinder, 1 1/2 pound custom scrotal piece. This is for boys with very tough balls. Don’t try this at home if you’re only blessed with hipster balls.

48 thoughts on “Where does this go?

  1. Thank you for the click through. =]
    I really appreciate it.
    Even if other people may not appreciate having to make the effort to click on something.
    Some people don’t want their innocent siblings to find out about anatomy this way…

    Really, thank you! =]

    And back on topic: I actually quite like this – Can’t help but imagine what the balls probably feel like in comparison to the hard metal. I bet it’s cold, too! =p

  2. Hot Diggity. Can we get s’more information about how this was fabricated? Does dude work in a machine shop? How does one Acquire gear like this?


  3. SevenCubed: Unfortunately the email attached to the original submission did not supply any information on who made the piece, sorry. If the wearer reads ModBlog they may be so inclined to provide the info. We get all sorts of amazing submissions from all the corners of the globe and not every corner speaks English so many amazing images come with little to no description.

  4. nice fab work!! Looks like some quality workmanship and nicely polished.

    the tag ruined it for me too :(

  5. I’m rather too stoned to contemplate that, none the less I can’t help but feel somewhat impressed.

  6. see… I thought it was some heavy duity cock ring with handles when I first saw it… so, I was KIND OF right… in a sense… ;o)

  7. that a massive tunnel for a set of balls oh my god wow that must be rediculously heavy
    and almost impossible to put on 6 screws and three u bars and is there picture of this guys balls with out the tunnel

  8. who can make me a transscotal in germany, belgium ? or who does know someone who does it?

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