33 thoughts on “From Russia with Love.

  1. i also saw this pic allready and searched for an iam page and the one of her friend with the huge medusa , but haven’t found it …

  2. I agree, she looks awfully young.
    SaraBeth, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m pretty sure Siren was complimenting the body mod, not the “little girl”.

  3. Hahah I meant, “looks so young in contrast to such ‘extreme’ mods, being stretched facial piercings,” not “looks so young, I wanna bang the shit out of her.”

  4. as far as i know , russians rarely stretch .. they cut ..and always have that white jewerly
    personally i dont like white , but the girl is cute

  5. the most engaging eyes I’ve seen in a while. the white, not so much. I find it distracting, and maybe b/c I was drawing earlier, but, those look like pencil erasers.
    nice pic, at any rate.

  6. i’d rather see this than smothered on fancy fashion makeup any day! (don’t get me wrong, i love makeup and wear it myself all the time) but natural beauty gets me every time…

  7. She looks like shes 9 years old, but very pretty and beautiful eyes. Don’t like white jewellery though but I think its cool and different when people just have one “bigger” mod.

  8. whah, russian always set this white PTFE becoz they hav nothing better else, lol
    there are only two custom producers of ptfe jewelry in russia.

    but it seems that one of them soon will be able to produce more interesting jewelry than usual white :)

  9. It is a girl. If you look in the large labret gallery, there are more pictures of her. Too simple for my tastes, but she is pretty!

  10. Is she from Russia? Are you sure? Somebody here said that she has a friend with big medusa… If it is a true, so, I think we can find her)))
    Oh, btw, Sara (post#2), I don’t think that having warm feelings about how cute children or young ppl is dirty. “oh, what a cute little girl” isn’t means “ohh, what a cute a*s… I want to fu** it hard”… IMHO.

    PS: Are you sure that it is true piercing? Or may be it is just Photoshoped image of young girl?…
    PPS: She is too young to have mods I think…

  11. She looks like one of those people that don’t have a definite appearance, age wise.
    Either way, this is a beautiful photo, it’s so minimal and natural. Me likey.

  12. to some people who thinks she’s a he , look in the ” scalpeled and large gauge lip procedures ” and you see pictures of her , and yes she has breasts …. about the age i dunno but at least she is a she !

  13. I saw those same other pictures in the gallery. Given the apparent height as well, can’t see her being over about 13-ish tops. That said, it’s always odd for me to see one particular mod stretched or otherwise unusual in some way, without a few others to go with it. Not bad. Just odd. Can’t explain why.

  14. yes she from Russia! (100%)
    15 y.o.
    and no, we have here many many better jewelery (not only white PTFE)

  15. Seems Russia is the Wild West of heavy mods for really young people. Anyone else noticed that? Wonder what else she has…

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