You spin me right round

Just to make everyone happy, I’ve used the nicely shaped buttocks here as the main image, but I must warn you that dadilydoo will spin around nicely for us to show the tattoo work that completes his entire leg. little-swastika is the artist credited out of Radolfzell, Germany.






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40 thoughts on “You spin me right round

  1. hehe i was there :-p you were really fucked up. But as always nice work. Hope i soon will have the money to make my tattoo bigger by marc. It really pisses me off just to drive my girlfriend to the slaughter :-)

  2. That’s stunning work!
    @ # 7/8: He won’t stop with tattooing! Just scale back from having a “regular” shop to a more private atmosphere.

  3. It is kind of sad for the shop to close down, but at the same time, the people who desire his work will get it since it seems that he will be doing more private setting for his tattooing. By the way, I love this piece!

  4. I’ve always hated Swastika Freakshop. They’re all “Hey, we do kick-ass tattoos and we do it all in a place that you’ll probably never visit.” So I’m glad they’re closing; maybe now all that damned taunting will stop.

  5. At first glance i wasnt to impressed, but after clicking through i really like it alot, it looks really nice on him.

  6. OOOH I love it!!
    Marc is my favourite tattoo artist of all times.
    And I don’t even live that far away from him… :-P

  7. haha im so glad, that im heavyli tattooed by marc..and can get more appointments for nexr year muahahahahahaha


    für insider: viel spass beim rumchillen noch ;)

  8. #33 Surprisingly really comfortable. The only pain worth mentioning was the one when all the blood rushed down my leg when putting it down after having it high for a long time (like getting out of bed). The only problem with sitting was bending my knee. I was so swollen that I almost couldn’t.

  9. Typical first tatto, so small ;) Looks like he missed a spot though ;) HAHA, Im so funny. (Kul att du gör värsting tatuering som första! Imponerande. *applåd*!)

  10. This is absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen anything less than amazing come out of that shop. I’m upset that it’s closing before I have a chance to visit it. But I will have to just work harder and track down the artist.

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