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I was really excited to post this interview with Henning Jørgensen not only because he’s an amazing tattoo artist and all around nice guy but because it’s a great in depth interview which is the direction we’re working to. Considering this is our third video to date, I’m pretty proud of the direction that it’s heading.
As soon as I can get some more videographers on board to help out, we’ll be able to get a lot more videos put together and posted. If you’re interested in interviewing your local or favorite tattooer, let me know. You can always film them (along with background footage  ie “b-roll”) and send the raw video for me to edit and post.
DivX download (47 MB) link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

37 thoughts on “BMEtv – Henning Jørgensen

  1. I met Henning a few years ago at the London Convention. Very cool guy.

    I know lots of work go into getting these videos up. It’s not like simply posting a picture, so evereybody at least acknowledge Rachel’s work and say Thank You..

  2. Great video. I loved the style of the text between the interview sections.

    I find a video interview much more engaging and interesting than a typed one, you really get a feel for the passion of the artist.

  3. I really loved this. I love hearing the insight as far as tattoo artists and their work goes. It’s really interesting. This is the first one I’ve watched so far, but i will definitely do so again!

  4. Forgot to mention, that I absolutely love this idea of doing video interviews of tattoo artists. Very awesome.
    Documentary style video is always the best.

  5. American Hip-hop and Japanese tattoos may or may not scream Denmark, but it certainly does scream hip tattoo artist. I really enjoyed how much more in depth this interview was! As an old fuddy duddy, I’m also really pleased the music was less annoying; I couldn’t focus on what was being said in the second video becuase the music was making me want to smack someone silly.

  6. There is a noticeable improvement here as compared to the other videos (editing and production wise).

    It’s outright awesome because Jørgensen is badass, and his ability to really say something about the art he does and vividly describe it, lends itself to the point of these videos.

  7. Henning Jørgensen is the man.. i really enjoyed this video
    bme tv should deff continue to grow and have dvds available for purchase

  8. I just watched all three videos. They’re really evolving nicely. I think it would work great as a regular pod cast. BME videos have always had such good music and these were no exception. I would like to see some scarification artists featured as well. I think this is a great idea and look forward to the next one…..

  9. I really enjoyed the videos!
    What I really look forward to is the possibility of local artists being featured, and getting to know “artists” that we’d otherwise not encounter locally. Both sides of the coin are exciting prospects!
    Thank you Rachel!

  10. Very nicely done. Not laborously long but packed full of good, interesting, relevent information. Keep it up!

  11. awesome work! I really liked watching this. I actually didn’t know there was such distinctions in different culture’s interpretations of Japanese traditionals. I’d like to see more of these

  12. Very nice job. Interesting interview, and the video did a nice job of showing off the tattoo work. Well done.

  13. I definitely prefer a video interview when possible, to a written style. Its much more memorable, and gives you a feel for their personality and how it would be to get worked on by them.

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  15. Nice interview. I really enjoy video vs print as I feel it gives a better idea as to a person’s personality. There’s just something about hearing someone’s voice and watching them as they speak.

  16. great idea i love it¡¡¡ thanks i really enjoy watching these videos they are very interesting,hope to see some videos about piercing and scarification ;)

  17. wow.. this is awesome. I spoke with Henning recently while i was in London @ the tattoo convention…. Great guy.. great artist.. great video!
    Awesome work BME!

  18. I think it’s great to see Videos of this style on BME it allows more people to be able to see who is behind the art and to be able to get up close with that artist. Mad props Rachel i think your doing a great job and its nice to see someone that is making sure that people thoughout the world will be able look back at this later.

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