Push me pull me

XoMateo sent in some photos of very hot man slaves. The guy being pulled is absolutely JACKED. They said this was Halloween fun but I’d definitely like to know exactly how one could acquire all three of these boys. Who wants to throw in with me? They’re in Santa Cruz, so it’s close enough for me!


One more photo after the jump.


This is probably my last post until Monday. I’ll try and post some more shots from Hawai’i and from Tim’s wedding. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to snag some more tattooers for interviews while we’re all out here. Here is to hoping! Thanks again for supporting BME and have a great weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Push me pull me

  1. Well, the native on the left is IAM: xomateo, the ninja on the right is IAM: Freshman, and the guy pulling on their ropes was some random guy who we asked to snag a photo with because he was “wicked jacked” and was carrying a fake assault rifle.

    Halloween in Santa Cruz is AWESOME!!!

  2. thank u for makeing mod blog decent again racheal and i love all the interviews etc their awesome

  3. I work downtown santa cruz at Pizza my heart…i get to wear my piercings too! anyways Halloween is crazy! they close the streets and over 3000 people come and hang out its like a giant street party. i wish i would have ran into these guys!!

  4. Vague posts, monotmous pictures of un-interesting ‘pretty’ people, lack of direction, duplicate images from ModBlog and the BME main page and seemingly personal updates included in the small blurb attached to new entries…

    You really only have to look at the lack of comments as a sign that ModBlog has now lost its novelty. What a shame, it used to be good.

  5. Love the photo! i love xomateo’s face in the first picture.

    As for #11 & #12, shut the fuck up!

    People whined when there weren’t any posts, and now they are fucking whining when there are?

  6. Ryan: We get the same amount of comments as we normally do. I’ve actually done tests to see what invokes more responses and they generally come when people DON’T like the content. The better “quality” of photos and posts, the less comments we get. It’s funny.

    With modblog posts, I can only post as much commentary as people give me. When I don’t include extra info as to their IAM names or other info about the photos, it’s because I don’t have it. I also try to keep up with the amount of photos that we post on BME which is anywhere from 500-1000/day not including all the photos on IAM. I often try to get more info from contributors but then the photos get “stale” because they were included in older updates to the site.

    I have a queue of interviews that I’m working on from our “Hard” contributors which I’ll post as soon as they’re finished.

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