So this isn’t a particularly challenging or technically difficult scarification other than it’s a pretty even circle but I wanted to post it so I had some subject matter to compare it with. Over the past few weeks we’ve all been discussing click throughs and I wanted to know if you guys felt that it only needed to apply to penis photos. Click through and then let me know.



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50 thoughts on “Clickthroughs?

  1. Cute.

    Should it only apply to penis photos? Yes. I am 100% against censorship, thats what parenting and common sense is for. However, I understand not everyone is in the same boat as I am so I’m comfortable sacrificing some penises. =p

  2. I’m 16, and i don’t have problems with the penis or other extreme mods, maybe you should use the
    Clickthroughs for showing another positions or full body pictures, BME FOR EVER. you’re great.

    P.S: I’m from Paraguay, does any body know where that is? haha

  3. If you are saying that this is a clickthrough because it shows a breast after you clickthrough and the lead picture doesn’t show any obvious body parts (just the mod) I think what you have done here is fine. You aren’t censoring anything, you are allowing a person to chose to clickthrough or pass it up for a later, more appropriate time to look at it.

  4. I definitely think nudity should be click-through. It’s not censoring to have a click through. Censoring would be not posting the photo or putting a giant black box in front of the naked parts. But someone on a public computer, say at a library, probably doesn’t want to have naked people pop up on the screen, but may still want to read ModBlog. Click-through is the best option for nudity, I think. Not just penis nudity though. :)

  5. i haven’t really followed the click through debate as i am a lurker, but the one time i did read about it people seemed to take issue with whether things were sfw or not. i’d imagine boob are as nsfw as dicks, but then i also don’t get why anyone would go to modblog or bmezine at work, so i guess this is fine.

    it used to be more of just a random “guess what body part this is” game i think though and that didn’t really apply here.

    either way i’d stop worrying about people’s comments, there is no satisfying the internet. for all those people who’ve been shouting how much they hate it here they don’t seem to be leaving any time soon.

  6. healed nicely too.

    I think genitalia shots are the only thing that really needs a click through.
    If the front post has breasts then just cover them with a clickable and have two click throughs.

    the more clickables the merrier right?

  7. I agree with above posters – clickthroughs are not censorship, and are therefore okay in my mind. I think they should be used for all kinds of nudity. However, I’d like to add a second point: clickthroughs should be used when there are excessive amounts of blood/gore/pulled flesh/etc. I may have a stomach for such things, but I’ve certainly horrified innocent passersby when looking at this site in public.

  8. I really don’t care for “censorship” on BME.
    I know what I’m going to see when I come here so I only do it when I’m alone.
    Well, alone or around people that I want to shock. ;P
    People visiting this site should have enough common sense to not go to BME when it’s inappropriate.
    You wouldn’t watch porn around your children, right?
    No. You’d find the right time to watch it.

    You shouldn’t blame BME for YOUR mistakes.

    That being said, if click throughs had to be enforced, this is the kind I’d like the most.
    It gives you a close up first and the full picture second.
    It’s not like you’re just seeing the same picture twice minus some blur.

  9. Rachel, I think you’re doing a fine job and that people like to complain.. a lot. But this style of clickthrough was perfect.

  10. who will watch the watchmen?

    kinda straddling the fence in this matter…personally, it should certainly be a clickthru for folk @ work and libraries and such…however, where does the line end??? as it is considered “body art”, does the line denote what is art and isn’t all over again???
    imo, leave it the way it is…squeamish? unseasoned? learn something, and experience something new, even if the end result doesn’t suit your palette.

  11. A clickthrough for nudity is fine. Makes it easier to browse the blog in public or at work without questions being raised. (Though I guess browsing modblog at work is dangerous anyway, depending on one’s boss)

    In any case, clickthroughs aren’t hard to use and people who complain about them are just bein’ lazy.

    In reply to h3cknot3kno: Yes, even in this ‘day and age’ there are people who don’t have their own home computer. Why make it difficult for them to browse modblog?

  12. I don’t get it, but ok all the same.

    @Alicia: nice to stumble upon a fellow pastaphagus.

  13. It’s good this one is a clickthrough. If I was at work, I’d have to scroll past the picture of her pretty fast :P

  14. watchmen was the most boring movie EVER!! though dr manhattan’s big shiny blue dong did have me sitting up in my chair for a little bit

  15. ahahahahaa oh my god!

    but… where’s the problem?

    This is not a pornographic photo! Please, wake up!

    The scar is well made, absolutely! it’s a perfect circle!

  16. I don’t mind, either way. If I’m in a public place, most people won’t even make eye contact with me, let alone check out what I’m browsing, and even if they did, it’s not really their business. Wouldn’t go on modblog around family / children, anyway.

    I feel like in this instance, anyone looking over your shoulder would be just as concerned by a bleeding happy face cut into someone’s skin as they would be by the profile of an adult woman’s breasts, if not moreso.

    but for those who desire a clickthrough, this one was just fine.

  17. This piece turned out nicely.
    In regards to the censorship issue, I don’t care. I come here expecting to see lumpy, tattooed genitals.

  18. I personally think all nudity should be under click-throughs, as well as photos of self-injury. This has always been my stance, as you well know, Rachel :)

  19. I totally agree with h3cknot3kno …
    YOU know what you may get when you come on to BME, Iam.bmezine, or Modblog…
    Why should anything on this site be censored….
    People really need to pick the appropriate time to look at these pages and not worry about click through’s.

  20. I agree with n°10.

    “People visiting this site should have enough common sense to not go to BME when it’s inappropriate.
    You wouldn’t watch porn around your children, right?
    No. You’d find the right time to watch it.”

    …I have things to say, but I don’t find my words, poor frenchie XD

  21. A lot of people are talking about knowing when it is appropriate or not to look at BME and all the accompanying flak. I know what I am potentially getting into looking at mod blog. And although I have no problem seeing any genitals or nudity, I do not always have the luxury of checking modblog from a private computer. I don’t think it is fair that I should not be able to check mod blog for months potentially, because of there might be something to be seen that is not approved for the general populace.

    I enjoy seeing what is happening on modblog but if this really is a big deal maybe it is high time for me to look elsewhere.

  22. you convinced me to start wheatpasting up huge cocks on the street with no click-throughs

  23. why the hell are you people going on modblog while at work anyway?
    you’re supposed to be WORKING, not surfing the web.
    and c’mon, do you not have the common sense to understand that modblog might have some NSFW content on it?
    wait til you get home/to a personal computer before you check it then and quit your bitching.


  24. too hot – it burned my computer screen…

    perfect – among the top 10 of my all time favourites!

    great scar, nice body, wonderful posture & shot

  25. Looks great!

    I’m going to agree with those who say nudity should be behind a click through. Not everybody has the luxury of a private computer so some people have to check things from the library or moms computer. And things that are really bloody or possibly triggering (self injury related) should be behind cuts. Not everybody has the stomach for a lot of blood.

  26. Personally I don’t read modblog for the genitalia. I like being able to read modblog even if i have friends in the room, the majority of which would prefer not to see modified genitalia. click throughs give people the option to read modblog at their leisure and re-visit later to view things that might be inappropriate under certain situations. I don’t think click throughs are at all censorship, because they don’t permanently hide anything but they are respectful and responsible which i have always found to be traits modblog promotes when it comes to mods and modification practitioners, so why wouldn’t modblog itself portray this.

    ps. this looks amazing.

  27. Not gonna lie.. I secretly enjoyed clicking through at work just to see who might have stumbled upon my shenanigans on the internet. I also had a record store job. Oh well.

    Anyways… that’s a damn good looking circle.

  28. I don’t use BME at work, but I do often go through it with my children in the room. I have no issues with them seeing most of what is on here, otherwise I would wait until they are in bed. But it would be nice for click throughs on penises and vaginas. Aside from the children issue, sometimes I don’t feel like looking at anyone’s neither regions.

    Alas it is your choice & it doesn’t really matter.

  29. Click throughs are responsibe and respectful (#40) and I really enjoy getting part of the picture, then either choosing to leave it to my imagination, or clicking through.

    Click throughs are the perfect compromise between full blown censorship and whipping it all out on the main page.

    Good job Rachel.

  30. #48 “Horray” for the Comedian! ???
    The rapist who shoots his pregnant girlfriend? Are you sure?

    #26 Try reading. It is a seminal text, whether you were bored by the cinematic interpretation of not.

    #37 Some people get these things called ‘breaks’ and ‘lunch’ at work, which they are entitled to use for surfing if they so choose. But not for looking at boobies, so clickthroughs have their place.

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