Good Morning BME!

I hope you all had as fabulous of a weekend as I did. Let’s start off this calm and beautiful morning with a simple scarification on Sarasil by John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, NY. As if John needs any kind of introduction. He’s a BME legend much like Brian Decker and Ron Garza.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning BME!

  1. wow- how did they do this?? There is no sign of celoids… Just like the skin had been cut away and… nothing else happened but healing :D Really really lucky to have such nice scin doing this.

  2. i’d really like to know if it was amazing technique of amazing skin that made this turn out so well. this is astounding

  3. Sairino -

    I’m no expert, but I’m willing to bet it’s the skin that made this heal like that. I had a cutting done by John and followed the aftercare to a t, and while it turned out fabulous, it looks nothing like this one. I can’t recommend John enough though – nothing but great things to say about him!

  4. That is beautiful. I wish I knew two things about it though.

    1-Where on the body is it?

    2-How long ago was it done, what phase of the healing process are we seeing?

  5. thanks for all the lovely comments everyone.

    suzanne, to answer your questions…
    1. it is in the center of my torso right under my boobs.
    2. it was done last autumn and the photograph was taken a few weeks ago so its roughly a year old.

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