It’s pretty girl day..

I think the rest of the day may just be filled with lovely ladies of BME. The first one that’s sitting in my inbox is of a pretty lady in the woods with microdermals by Sean Dee of Primal Expressions in Bethlehem, PA. I’m really happy with the recent influx of other elasticities on BME. I remember the old days when BME was primarily a sausage fest. According to the demogrpahics, BME is frequented by 52% females. It’s no longer the white man’s sausage fest of old. The ladies are becoming a force to be reckoned with and coming in waves of all shapes, sizes and colors.


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28 thoughts on “It’s pretty girl day..

  1. Dayum. I i really like the microdermals! Although im not sure if i like the uneven lip (dahlia?) piercings? i also love her nipple shields! (Presuming they ARE nipple shields)

  2. I hate those kind of eyebrow-substitutes…
    irks- they are much too high and much too thin. And THose Eyes look spooky. Not my type of girl.

  3. WOW. She’s absolutely GORGEOUS – I LOOOVE the dermals and just wow… This girl’s a complete package :D

  4. elasticities?
    I think you mean ethnicities lol :)
    But yes she is stunning. i’d like to see more of her, especially her eyes.

  5. Her streamline brows are bitchin’. The piercings on the corners of her mouth are awesome. I wouldn’t be able to pull that off.

  6. She is gorgeous. Just wish I could figure out if those are nipple shields or something else. They look like they are only on the bottom areolean hemisphere. (New term, heard it here first folks: areolean hemispheres!!!)

  7. she does have great skin, but she also reminds me of an alien. why? eyes, eyebrows (or lack of), and her hair. yet, she is strangely beautiful….. but still alien-like.

  8. @RALEX

    So basically she’s “pretty for a black girl”
    Why can’t she just a beautiful women.

    Anyways I love nipple shields and the dermals .

  9. @Vomit – Actually, I’m very familiar with the photography of the photographer who took this photo. It’s mostly photoshop. She could have nice skin. But If he did to her skin what he does to most of the photos I’ve seen, the illusion of flawless skin is all in the hands of editing software.

    She’s pretty though. Not a fan of the eyebrows or what looks like colored contacts.

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