Tandem piercing and tattooing

SugarNSpice send in a photo of her getting both legs tattooed in tandem as well as both of her arms getting tandem corsets as well. The work was done by Kaz, Amanda, Bert and Kaelyn at Stiletto Haus in Grand Rapids, MI. BME isn’t here to judge but we are here to document what’s going on in the world of Body Modification. I’m not sure why she wanted to do all of these things at once but I hope that everything heals up well.




19 thoughts on “Tandem piercing and tattooing

  1. Something rubs me wrong here, like somebody wants to be the cool kid on the block. She couldve just put a baseball card in the spokes of her huffy

  2. hahah @ #2.. Yeah this doesn’t seem right, I wonder if the artists working on her advised her against this or not…

  3. I think that maybe for some people, getting tattoo’d (by just one person!) doesn’t give them the adrenaline/endorphin rush it might give others, so maybe she just wanted to have as an extreme experience as possible, to *really* get that adrenaline rush. It strikes me as more her trying to push what her body can handle rather than trying to seem ‘cool’. Though obviously this is just speculation :D

  4. I imagine the sensation of having all 4 limbs worked on at once would be incredible, so I kind of doubt it was for “cool points” as much as it was for the experience. It is a lot to handle and heal at once, but the process would have felt amazing.

  5. I like the idea of having so much going on its impossible to focus on one part, but instead having a moving rush of adrenaline and pain. However, I’m not sure if thats what she was going for, nor do I know if I would be able to actually do it.

  6. Let’s not forget that from a health standpoint, the body can only heal so much at one time, so I can’t see how this could be a good idea….

  7. The major point of focus in these photos are a toss up for me. Dont know if it should be the fact that one guy is wearing a mask or the angles that chick has to hit to work on her leg.

  8. i can see the point of getting two things done at once, maybe two tattoos at once, or two corsets….but it just seems a little too full on and gratuitous…..not to mention how freakin sore shes going to be for the next few weeks.

    Oh and wouldnt that tax the immune system right then and also in times to come? goodbye short term corsets…

    apart from that, rock it out lady if it feels good :)

  9. I would love to get tattooed tandem style!

    I could only IMAGINE how expensive it was to get 4 artists to do all of this at once!

  10. it seems pretty obvious the only work she’s going to be properly healing are the leg tattoos. The arm corsets are done with BCR’s, so I assume they’re play piercing work rather than permanent, so when they’re taken out the body won’t have as much work to heal. Obviously it’ll have the holes in the arms, but I imagine that’d be easier than jewellery in those holes.

  11. l love the last shot where her head is all blurry and out of focus. kind of gives that crazy insane look to it. Like where should she be focusing?

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  13. Haha! I just ran across this tonight. This was something I wanted to do for myself for my birthday last year. The main point of it was to test my own limits and include my fantastic body mod family in the experience. I wasn’t going for “cool points”…I really don’t care if anyone thinks what I do is “cool” or not. The artists you see in the pic are all truly talented and amazing friends who have taught me alot about myself and what I am capable of over the past few years, and to have them all share this experience with me truly meant a lot!

    The process itself felt amazing! It was strange to not know where to focus my attention. That was also the first time I had been corsetted, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from that. Turns out I enjoy it quite a bit and have had it done many more times. And “Anon” is correct, the corsets were only in for about an hour. They were not meant to be healed. These artists are very educated and would not allow me to put my body through all this if they thought it would be unsafe.

    All in all this was by far one of the best birthday celebrations I have ever treated myself to! “Heretic138″- no, I was not high :) And you’re right, it was incredibly fun! And “vermilion”…I’m kinda bummed I paid for my shirt but you got one free. Ah well.

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