37 thoughts on “Making waves 2

  1. hahaha i was thinking “you can guess where” meant “penis” as well. then i clicked through and was like “oh. that makes sense” :P

  2. WOW impressive I would love to see them in person .

    and yeah I thought penis at first too… but anyway if it was… damn that would feel great

  3. Man, now his forearm looks so un-proportional when compared this his biceps/triceps. Still think it looks pretty neat though

  4. Gasp. Beautiful. A perfect expression of the art, perfectly placed and perfectly realized. The wearer must be so happy.

  5. Damn those are amazing. Probably my favourite set of implants I’ve seen, especially with the heavy blackwork/

  6. they’re really beautiful i’d just be worried about how daily life will be with them, leaning on the arms and such.

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