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Mike Rubendall is based out of Massapequa, New York but you’ll often find him anywhere around the world at various tattoo conventions with Henning Jorgenson (BMEtv Episode 3!). If you walk into a shop around the world, you’ll no doubt see flash on the walls drawn by Mike. Norm and I even saw tons of his flash in the walls of a shop we stopped in at on Maui, Hawai’i. Check out the video to learn a little bit more about Mike.
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18 thoughts on “BMEtv – Mike Rubendall

  1. mmm the thing he says going to artschool is bad when you want to become a tattooartist isn’t right in my eyes …
    but that’s his vision …. not mine …

  2. ehhh i’m not so sure he was implying that it was “bad” so much as you’re more perceptive to new ideas as a blank slate.

    enjoyed the video. nothing but respect for mike, he’s great.

  3. I liked the video overall. Maybe a littel heavy on the “old school” projector feel, but it wasn’t completely distracting.

    And if you listen to what he said…it was that some of the things you learn in art school don’t translate well in to tattooing.

  4. really nice … i like to look at nice tattoo works and i really want a tattoo too now …. i have only three but i need some more !

  5. well, i do think it’s good to be very fresh and open but it’s good to have some sort of art education. you see your work in a different light. and can work to make yourself better.

    great artist, though! much respect. :)

  6. I am really enjoying these. They are lots of fun, and great for passing the time. I would love to see you do more :)

  7. Great Video. I met Mike when I was in Barcelona and he was doing a guest spot at LTW. I was amazed at his watercolors back then and he still has a great sense of composition and traditonal japanese work. Great artist!

    I will agree with what he said about learning bad habits when your younger..
    I have alot of bad habits from 15 years of cutting that are making things harder for me to learn to tattoo…
    But i think still i have an advantage of most.. even with bad habits :)
    Great video BME!!

  8. I think BMEtv is pretty sweet. I think it would be sweet to see some videos with some interviews of some surgical mod artists, or some suspension teams. That would be pretty sick.

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