Happy Thankgiving!

Hey Modblog, you’ve got the day off! I’m thought I’d be able to post from the in-laws house but they’re still living in the land of dial up and I don’t have a modem so I can’t post today so I’m leaving you until Friday with briannamci and her friend. You can play “find the tattoo” while you wait for me to get my turkey on (or whatever it is a bunch of vegetarians and kosher keepin’ Jews eat on Thanksgiving!). Phil and I scoured looking for some turkeylicious tattoos but sadly we fell short. We’ll try for something festive for the next set of holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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28 thoughts on “Happy Thankgiving!

  1. either the girl on the right has some sort of deformity, or someone is really bad at shooping.

  2. Oh love the photo, its looks really cool with the blue paint. I also like the girls on the picture they look so nice! epic awsome!

  3. If these ladies want to sit and roll around/cover themselves in paint and be half naked too then thats just fine by me. They can continue by all means, just hope that they take pictures ;)

  4. A very wonderful fingerpainting session happened here. And I do believe that I would like to put both of these up on the fridge.

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