Black and Grey Eyes

It looks like Leo Rojas Valenzuela has a fan, they sent in some photos

“these tattoos were done by a really outstanding, low profile artist in chile. i’m uploading them to bme coz i think his work must be recognized world-wide, and what better place to do so than this web. hope you enjoy looking at the detailed ink as much as we do; we’re not used to such a great pieces here in chile, peace out!”

I have to agree. I’d like to see more examples of his work as well as artists that are hidden gems from countries all around the world. If your artist doesn’t have a portfolio, tell them to send us 10 photos with their contact information and that they’ll get a free membership as well. Or you can get their permission to submit it on their behalf.


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20 thoughts on “Black and Grey Eyes

  1. Wow. Knowing that portrait tattoos are so difficult to do well… this guy has amazing talent.

  2. *Awesome*
    Love how he does lighting.
    And I agree with alix, not normally a huge fan of portraits unless they’re unique, but I’d say in terms of quality, these are pretty unique!

  3. I hope he got this artist’s permission before putting his work online. It’s great stuff, and I’m glad to see it featured here, but I’d be a little bothered if someone put my art on the internet without asking me first.

    That being said, awesome work! The attention to detail is stunning.

  4. How would you be bothered? Seriously? No one is stealing credit. “I wish I were an artist who got absolutely no exposure.”

  5. see kids? Kat Von D isn’t the only person in the world that does portraits. And in my opinion, this guy has her licked.

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