Pugsly von puggles

I had this whole post about Anna and her pug Heinz and why he looks so weirded out, it was even kind of funny. Then I don’t know what happened but it didn’t get saved and I figure it’s probably for the best. I’m sure the older draft is going to pop up after I post this one but I figure Anna is beautiful enough to be posted without further rambling by me.


See more in Horizontal Hood Piercings (Female Genital Piercing) (members only)

28 thoughts on “Pugsly von puggles

  1. jojo: The BME water mark obscures her hood piercing. If you check the recent updates to female genital piercings you will find the uncensored image. Hence the “See more in Horizontal Hood Piercings“ Tag.

  2. Heinz is just a tiny bit overweight and we’re working on that! Don’t spoil his modblog moment pls, he is sensitive when it comes to his good looks ;)

  3. The dogs face cracked me up, I instantly anthropomophised him into a little man who was very shocked to be in the embraces of a gorgeous naked giant!

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