Going, going, gone.


I figured I’d hide my commentary back here since everyone is going to click through anyway. Our friend here calls this a “little penis fish” and I think I like that name a lot. Before you start getting all “OMG jUaRez tha moDZ”, for the uninitiated, this is called sounding, otherwise known as urethral stretching. It takes patience and practice, or someone who is willing to give it a good push!

I bet before you clicked you thought that fishy was going to find it’s way into his belly button. This is BME, we should all know better by now!




36 thoughts on “Going, going, gone.


    although this is not what i am in to i really like to see what other people do to enchance their body.

  2. i find it so fascinating to think there are people out there who look at their urethras and wonder, what more they could achieve with them.


    not really, though. ModBlog is disturbingly lame nowadays.

  4. I’m going to read more about this, because as a nurse my face goes D: at sticking something that isn’t sterile into your penis. Interesting though. Off to read!!

  5. Somehow I knew that it was going to be sounding. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

  6. whoa i totally couldn’t tell that was a navel, that’s why i clicked through… it looked like something that had been tied off to die :/ oops.

  7. Ouch! I hate when I go to get tested and the cue tip me, why would you want to do that for fun!

  8. Meme – I thought it was toothpaste too! Or some sort of like, dyed cum on his belly… Haha, that’s a ridiculous guess. I like the pictures. Sounding intrigues me – not for myself, but just in general.

  9. @Brooks: man, the q-tip SUCKS, i think because its so fibery and scratchy, but a nice smooth piece of metal or plastic feels rather nice!

  10. @anonymouscoward
    appreciate the art of it
    a man and his body modifying what was to will be

  11. that fish is not even a modified fishing lure. it’s just a normal fishing lure. it’s something you buy in a pack and you get like a dozen of them, then you put them onto a bare hook. he just hasn’t bothered rigging it up, seeing as it’s going into his paypay.
    and i didn’t think that was a belly button…. don’t ask me what else it could have been, because i don’t know. but a belly button was not the first thing that came to mind.

  12. i thought his belly button was a cats bumhole at first, and that the fish was wax. didn’t really know what to expect with the clickthrough, but im glad it wasnt what i thought.
    Looks fun.
    @ Jake: paypay? hahaha amazing.

  13. What a waste of modblog space. No modifications, just some guy sticking a plastic fish in this genitals.what has modblog come to? you should put a side blog for stuff like that ‘random unrelated shi*s and giggles’ perhaps…

  14. I totally thought the first shot of the navel was actually a penis pushed inside that was then beginning to poke out.

  15. The AnonymousCoward is right. Modblog has lost its edge. For the last while the posts that have been put on Modblog have been pretty lame. Granted SOME of them are nice pictures but nothing interesting is going on in them. All of them belong on BMEzine.com but they shouldn’t be posted on ModBlog.

    You should do a poll to see what type of pictures people want posted. In a previous post you commented on how you decided not to post things because people were being influenced by the pictures. Everyone is influenced by something else. You weren’t the first person to have your mods, clearly you saw one and thought something along the lines of “I would look good with “this” “. Its not your job to try to influence what people do or don’t do. According to the BMEzine Encyclopedia: Modblog “posts a wide variety of interesting, often experimental and beautiful, photos and stories. In a way, ModBlog is a “best of BMEzine submissions” blog since ModBlog has a little bit of everything on BMEzine.”

    Om Dec 2nd: “I don’t know anything more about this guy. I don’t know who did the work or why he looks so happy but that was good enough for me.” — Rachel

    This just fuels the arguement and I do understand sometimes a picture is just nice. I may have chosen to post it but that doesn’t scream “best of” to me.

    I’m (and I feel We’re) not all looking for radical things like the things posted on the Extreme part of BME but we would like to see some different pictures then a nice “insert mod here”.

    Bring back:

    Hot BME Boys with hot mods
    Hot BME Girls with hot mods
    Bring back more Guess What’s (that aren’t all men)
    Bring back cool photos.

    Going through the Archieves to the things I remember: http://news.bme.com/2008/01/ for example. Awesome stuff.

    Maybe the picture submissions have changed since Shannon stopped running things, I don’t know, but I feel (and clearly so do a lot of the others) that we’d like more then just a nice picture website.. there are plenty of those out there already.

    Bring back the Edge.

    A lightly modified individual.

  16. everyone, quit bitching or leave. thank you.
    rachel, keep it up. you’re doing great, sweetheart.

  17. James, didn’t you notice that Rachel preemptively mocked you (and your viewpoint) with her “juarez the modz” comment?

    That being said, I completely agree with you.

  18. Oh great, now sounding isn’t considered a mod anymore??

    As far as BMEgirl and BMEboy posts, I’ve been posting a lot about them. What do you guys come here for? The photos or to read my thoughts about the photos?

    As far as Modblog being the “best of BME” according to the wiki, it’s just not the case. We post what we find interesting going through submissions. A photo of a modified individual who looks happy does reflect the best parts of BME and I can only post what I get included with a submission because while I do email people asking for more information, if it takes them a week to get back to me and then I post the image, people complain they already saw it on BME.

    People ask me why I even bother responding to comments left here and the reason why is that I value your feedback. If you think that you can do a better job than I can, then by all means I will certainly give you a shot. Email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you set up with an account so that you can post to Modblog.

  19. Rachel is doing a great job, I think people should quit complaining or leave.

    And I totally thought this was toothpaste, too!

  20. dont like whats being posted? dont look.

    sounding is a mod.

    rachel does a awesome job with modblog.

    i thought it was toothpaste too.

    have the people bitching gone yet?

    have the little 13 year old school kids stoped trying to be hardcore on the interwebs?

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