Thank your lucky stars

I’m sitting on a pile of tattoo photos that I wanted to post and I figured instead of spreading them out over a couple days, I’d do a nice big fat tattoo post. Hope you guys like it.

The first piece is by Matt Geiogamah of Club Tattoo in Tempe, AZ.


See more photos of different style by different artists simply by clicking through, oh my!

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Now you know I can’t resist posting yet another Star Wars inspired tattoo. I’ll let you guys guess who this is supposed to be. Credit for the work goes to Leo Rojas Valenzuela out of Real Tattoo in Providencia, Santiago, Chile.


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This big kitty came all the way from Japan. Naomisa wrote in “my lovi’n lovi’n lovi’n cats!!” and that’s about it!


This Dali portrait is brought to us by Mario Pullano of Pain & Pleasure in Sandusky, Ohio.


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Chris Posey out of Southside Tattoo & Piercing in East Point – Atlanta, Georgia gives us something to toot about.


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Our next tattoo submission comes in from Vasteras, Sweden. The artist is Nahui of South of Heaven.

“this represents my son fly fishing at the best place on earth!”


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Weylin Traugott of Gunslingers in Augusta, Georgia brings us this next piece along with some insider information:

“Cast iron isn’t forged with a hammer and anvils.”


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And finally we’ll go back to who we started with and wrap this post up with another piece by Matt Geiogamah.


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16 thoughts on “Thank your lucky stars

  1. Nothing compares to the top one. That’s incredible. I’m saving it to my “Tattoo Inspiration” folder fo’ sho’! =]
    The portrait is pretty good too, not the best, but definitely not bad.
    And the Cast Iron one is crisp as an iced-over lake. Love it. =]

  2. I remember seeing that first one on here years ago i think, I’m glad to see another picture of it, deff one of my favourite tattoos ever, makes me wish I had saved a large area for a piece like that

  3. They’re all great except for that fishing tattoo, it seems out of place in this group.

    Maybe it’s just the photo that’s bad but the color looks terrible.

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