Vimby Video – Norm AWR MSK

One of the names that popped up in the interview requests was Norm so it was great timing that his Vimby video just surfaced. I figured I’d post it, like I do with all of Vimby’s Tattooer Videos over here on Modblog to tied you over until BME can do it’s own interview with him. Norm’s script work has to be some of my favorite lettering out there. He’s developed a very beautiful style which gives a whole new meaning to black and grey lettering. He tattooed the palm of my hand a month ago which I’ve included after the jump.

You can check out more on his myspace or at Spotlight Tattoo in person here in Hollywood, California.


It’s not the best quality photo since I took it with my iPhone but like I said, his script is really beautiful. There is something elegant yet still jailhouse about it. The “Norm” on his palm and the “LA” on my wrist are both by Jack Rudy of Good Time Charlie’s TattooLand

12 thoughts on “Vimby Video – Norm AWR MSK

  1. This will most certainly be taken as hating, but it’s not. Although I like his lettering, and yes I did take the time to visit his sites, it’s hardly breaking any new ground insofar as script goes. His style of script can be found in any reasonably good shop, with most artists able to freehand such things. NOW, i would like to say his art work and projects are far more intersting to me, and a feature on that aspect is much more appealing

  2. Ian: This is where you and I will have to just agree to disagree. As someone who has seen hundreds of thousands of photos of script lettering, even in a “reasonably good shop” you will not find the quality of his lettering. I’ve seen so much bad letter and every one of Norm’s lettering pieces, which since he doesn’t have his portfolio online, you haven’t seen the depth of his capabilities. Not to mention how solid he is technically as well.

    I’ve already asked Brian about doing an interview with him and he’s totally up for it. It’s just a matter of organizing getting it filmed since I’m on an opposite coast from him.

  3. Ian-
    I’m gonna go with Rachel on this. I’ve seen A LOT of script, and worked in a lot of shops, and I’ve never seen anyone bust out script as sick as Norm’s. Hence, why he did my chest rocker.

    the cool thing is this- people recognize it as Norm’s. I get stopped and asked if he did my script all the time.. people are so stoked on it, and so into it. Yes, it’s influenced by other artists, but when it boils down to it, it’s his, and it’s amazing.

  4. AWR MSK? Big whoop. Maybe it’ll impress a teenybopper on bombing science, but this isn’t bombing science.

  5. I think Norm’s primary goal in life is to impress teenybompers on bombing science and that alone. At 35 years old, I think that despite his 10+ year art career, that’s probably all he cares about. I know it’s all that I care about too. I mean, who cares where the artists who are doing tattoos get their inspiration from.. I certainly don’t think we should ever talk about anything other than modification, even if it all stems from other forms of art.


  6. just to clarify, I wasn’t dogging his script, just that it didn’t seem to be “breaking new ground” to me. As for it being recognizable, that’s probably just a local thing. I doubt anyone in the midwest of east coast would know who did it. Just for the record, it IS nice script, just seems to look a lot like what i’ve seen.

  7. as well, I’d like to say that his artwork if FAR and away more interesting that his script.. but I guess this IS a bodymod website, so we have to stick with tatttoos etc. His art is really effing nice, though

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