BMEshop is up

I forgot to post on here that BMEshop is back up and running. We’ve got Calm shirts, Elements Shirts, Calm Hoodies and a whole new slew of books in the book section. I’ve already added ICHIBAY, SHIGE and PINT‘s books and I just added one about HORIYOSHI III as well as his One Points Sketch Book .I dropped the price on the Revisited book and cut the price in half for the Revisited Limited Edition Book (includes limited edition binding, case, stickers and prints). Doing one tattoo out of those books easily covers their cost. They also make great presents and tips for the tattoo artist in your life. Wink! wink!

You’ll also probably see a lot of Tattooer related tshirts going into the “Friends of BME” section. This is the stock that was up on CanvasLA’s website and it will continue to be on sale for $20 bucks a tshirt designed by tattooers all over the world. It’s easier to migrate it over to one system instead of having it spread across two sites. We’ve got Rebel8, MATW, To Die For, Sullen and a couple other tattooer lines. We have limited styles and colors left so check through the clothes to see if we’ve got your size. They haven’t all been added yet because it takes a long time but I’m getting to it. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff via Canvas while we were down.


If you didn’t see it posted elsewhere, we’ve been having a weekend sale for 30% off most of the stuff (not including items that ship from Canada) in the store until Monday. Use the discount code “bme4days”. If you have any issues ordering, please email the shop!

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