Who doesn’t do this?

One of the biggest “trends” in body modification “fashion” has been the decorative threaded end. I’ve seen Body Vision‘s assortment and it’s pretty killer, especially with everyone from gangster dudes to soccer mom’s sporting the tear drop microdermal these days. It’s a way to customize the jewelry for yourself and I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t know if this 14k yellow gold anchor is one of theirs but they make all kinds of threaded ends to suit whatever your needs are. This is Allen and he apparently did the microdermal himself at Superfly Tattoo in San Diego, California.


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23 thoughts on “Who doesn’t do this?

  1. Wonderful until you wash your face, or drag anything along it, or sleep on that side :P

  2. You know what the most amazing thing in the world would be? A Modblog application for the iPhone… charge $1.99 – $4.99 for it and the world would be a better place… for us both.

    That is all.

  3. wow, what a shit photo… gotta love iphone quality.
    anyway, that is indeed a Body Vision Los Angeles threaded end. They make the most amazing jewelry and never cease to amaze me when it comes to quality. They’ve made several custom pieces for me made from only precious metals.

    and you know sarah, i was thinking about that. or another app that i’ll keep secret for now because i might get my friend to make it haha.

  4. I don’t think an app for modblog is really necessary. You can read it pretty easily on the iphones browser.

    When the new version of the site launches, one of the first things I’ll be doing after I get all the other features implemented is a web version of the whole site. An app would be awesome but I can’t afford to have one made for iphones, blackberries and all the other smart phones out there.

    If any developers out there wanted to make one for BME, I’d be down to support it being made but I just don’t have the funds to make each app. They’re lie 5-10k depending how involved they are and then they’re phone specific.

  5. I love that! Looks like it would be easy to snag, but I love seeing fun threaded ends!

    As for a modblog app, i would fucking LOVE one! I wouldn’t have a problem paying up to 5-6 dollars for a app, but I do agree that it loads just fine on the browser.

  6. I really do like this. I just don’t know how easily it would get caught on hair, clothes, etc. I’m not sure if that’s really my favorite place for it to be, but regardless, it looks good on him. I love those plugs though. :)

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