Sweet and simple

Don’t even post comments about how this isn’t hardcore or it’s boring because it’s “just an ear piercing” but Dustin Robbins from Iris Piercing in Salt Lake City, Utah really spices it up with some kick ass earrings. I love how the more people have stretched lobes, the cooler body jewelry evolves to bring us alternative jewelry to wear. She’s also got a little microdermal tucked above her clavicle.


See more in Standard Earlobe Piercing (Ear Piercing)


25 thoughts on “Sweet and simple

  1. This isn’t hardcore, and it’s boring.

    I’m lying, actually. The earrings are amazing, they’re absolutely beautiful. I love the tiny hint of ink in the first picture, too. Very nice. :D

  2. I think you could probably wear the earring at any point in the hoop. I love stuff like this although I am the type of girl who wears the same pair of 3/4″ earrings for 8 years until one falls out and breaks and then I switch to an almost identical pair and hope I can get 8 years out of those as well!

  3. I too love her blue “roots”! Very awesome.
    Those are some beautiful earrings, and I like that she’s not wearing it in the notch where her lobe “should” be, because it makes them a bit more visually interesting (IMO). The only thing I wonder is how heavy these earrings are, given how her ear is stretching…

  4. yay for Maya! Corey’s jewelry is all so effing amazing! these guys have a pretty good heft to em, we’ve got a pair in the studio I work at, and the awesome thing is you can get them in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, and also dipped in 2 tones (the ones we have are half yellow and half rose gold) Don’t wanna sound biased, but all of her stuff is freaking awesome. defs recommend checking out her stuff.

  5. Those are definitely an amazing pair of jewelry. We had some in the shop until about 2 weeks ago. A mom came in and bought them for her daughter as a christmas present. Lucky girl!

  6. Ha what do you mean this isn’t hard core? That looks like some pretty hardcore craftsmanship to me!

    Amazing piece…beautiful!

  7. Hey there:

    Its Corey from Maya. Thanks for all the LOVE. You guys made my day for sure.

    We are currently building a BME page: Maya Organic Jewelry.

    Check it.

    And again. Thanks.

    ps. and yes they are upside down but still smokin’ hot.

  8. Absolutely stunning! I really want these (I love the hole size!) and I also want to design my lobes for maximum piercing from the type/ size earring shown onto a row(s) upwards of studs up to top of soft lobes crossing over cartilage into the inside rim (and following the shape of the ear) with small spacing and small studs and changing inside the tops of my shells to be cut (removal of cartilage – slither openings!) )out into a tracery of “lace” patterns with the remaining cartilage studded with a continuous mix of chip diamong, pearl and silver mini studs. I have searched the net and I cannot fing an “ear piercing designer!

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