Who kills strippers?

Oh look! That modblog celebrity you love to hate, Mike Beer, is back at it again! Love him or hate him, you have to admit, this is a damn creative use of black light tattooing!


This tattoo was done by Buzz from Delaware.

If you like this kind of immorality, check out Mike’s band Call The Paramedics.

38 thoughts on “Who kills strippers?

  1. considering i am about to be a stripper, i think i will have to renounce my friendship with you

  2. when i was younger my parents told me not to get tattooed because my tattoos would make me too identifiable. i think that tattoo just makes him an immediate suspect every time a stripper is killed in his town.

  3. another good one for Mike!
    i think he’s only got one tat that is shitty, the rest are hillarious!

  4. hahahahaha.

    always nice to hear people wish ill on someone who offends their sensibilities.
    very evolved of you.

  5. Having danced before, I am pretty sure that if I saw that from the podium I would laugh. That might just be my take on things.

  6. …I have cancer. It’s not so bad. I say if you really want to wish ill on someone, wish for them to contract ebola. Now that shit’s nasty.

    On the subject of the tattoo, whatever floats yer boat.

  7. That is some funny shit right there! If is saw that guy at the strip club I would give him a dollar for having such an awesome tattoo!

  8. uh, mkultra, i think the joke is that most strip joints are some of the only places youre bombarded with blacklights, and therefore one of the few places that tattoo will be visible. lighten up.

    and thats awesome. i’d laugh if i saw that while i was dancing too.

  9. Mikey, you are the only horse in the “Greatest Living Person” race. I agree with Alan. This is not just my favorite of your tattoos, it’s my new favorite tattoo in general. Well done sir.

  10. I’m pretty sure there are some bouncers out there who would 86 him as soon as they saw that tattoo.

    What the hell do strippers do but provide entertainment?

    Maybe “I kill cops” or “I kill politicians” would be more appropriate.

  11. Haha oh Mike. This is probably one of his LEAST offensive tattoos hahaha

    @21 – Maybe YOU should get the “i kill cops” or “i kill politicians” tattoo, since that’s more relevant to your own personal opinion. I’m actually a bit ill of hearing people talk about hating cops. Most (not all, but most) of the people who hate cops are people who have had run ins with the law. I personally love cops.

    I know this is a black light tattoo, but I can’t help but think it would be slightly visible in the daylight, like it would be a little bit white-ish or something.

  12. BB, actually within a week it has pretty much completely healed. I was thinking it would be a little scarred but you really can’t see it at all. I have one on my hand too and you could see a slight outline for about 4 months. I’m stoked though cause now I can go to Christmas dinner with my mom and not have her asking me about it….that’d be a funny one to explain

  13. conservative, reactionary shit trying to come off as edgy and cool because it’s OLOL OFFENDING SENSIBILITIES and like, totally breaking the rules. on your forehead. great.

  14. Hey at least he comes with warning labels. I mean anything you buy has them these days, it is only logical people start having them.

  15. if mike gets bored of it he can just change the I to a Y.
    y’know thouse Christian mateal heads from the 80s…

  16. if you knew the band, it would all make sense. i have hungout with these guys a ton of times and i would have to say they are interseting. great band and great show. check them out

  17. I love it. And yes, it is totally invisible in normal light. I hung out with Mike for maybe half an hour yesterday and didn’t see it at all.

  18. How about “I kill Fascists” BB?

    Police do occasionally overstep their bounds and harass people, and sometimes they beat people, and sometime they kill people. They are not always in the right. Politicians often make decisions that hurt other people, in many different ways. Wars for oil, denying universal health care, lying to the people who elected them…

    What do Strippers do that is remotely as heinous? Give men blue balls?

  19. FetusFajitas666:

    Haha that would’ve been one hell of an awkward Christmas dinner. Even if you have a really cool mom, there’s usually a limit…haha. Now I’m thinking of getting my next tattoo in UV ink…but I can’t think of anywhere I go where there’d be a black light, so it’d be pretty pointless :-/


    Never said cops were always right, because they’re not. Of course they’re going to overstep boundaries and use excessive force. However, not ALL do, and cops do enforce the law so that people can generally be safe. There is a reason for cops to exist…and it’s very common for people (not saying you are, but some who want to act “cool”) to have the opinion that cops are horrible.

    Also, I never said I liked politicians, because I don’t. So…yay for defending something that I never said anything against?

    My point was that, those are YOUR opinions about hating a group of different people, so it’s kind of odd for you to say what would be a more appropriate tattoo for someone to get, given that it’s their tattoo and not yours.

    Strippers (and I’m not talking about the ones who do “favors” for clients, because that would be a prostitute, and an entirely different thing) basically just get men all riled up to get as much money from them as they can. Strippers objectify themselves (I’m not saying women in general, but just themselves) in order to get as much money as possible from men, since they’ll be thinking with their little head and not their big head. That’s a pretty shitty situation. I personally don’t like strippers, but if someone got an “I love strippers” tattoo, that’s their choice. I wouldn’t say “i love cops would be more appropriate”, because it’s their tattoo and their decision.

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