Happy Holidays!

xomateo & gogo_savvy are just one example of couple who met through BME. Are you? If so, we’ve got a section for that so submit your photos! Love is definitely in the air in Santa Cruz, CA and that goes along great for the holidays. I hope you’re all with someone you love and can spend the holidays with them.


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I’ll stop being gushy, I just can’t help it because they’re so darn cute and naked!


39 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. his mods are rad, she is more than stunning.. but I”m afraid they are violating one of the primary rules of coupling… a man must outweigh his partner. She isn’t big, he’s just too small.

    come workout wth me homie, we’ll fix this things right up.

  2. I love how his blackwork sleeve goes up across his chest like that and ends there, and her lotus scarification on her chest is beautiful! Also, she has amazing boobs! haha

  3. Thats BS!! a man doesnt have to outweigh his partner! I am proud to be a 5’5, 165 lb woman with my lil 5’3 145lb korean sensation by my side.

  4. I have an infinite list of lovely things to say about this couple but I’ll keep it short and sweet: I’m a sucker for his sleeve and she has FANTASTIC breasts. They are absolutely adorable together and I’m going to have to disagree with you Ian – I find the size difference to be more appealing than anything… but maybe it’s just me seeing as my man weighs in at a slender 130 and in opposition I’m quite a curvy girl. Variety is the spice of life!

  5. shit, these guys are in Santa Cruz now? I hadn’t seen them in a while but I didn’t realize they moved. too bad. they were always fun to suspend with

  6. Hahahahaha “a man must outweigh his partner”?? That’s hilarious! It’s also total bullshit (word up, Holly)!

    Thank goodness Mateo will be back in time for the holidays. I miss him so much! <333

  7. aw, this is cute. and her body is pretty interesting, too. *tries to avert stare… unsuccessful*

    ian, i don’t think youre taking into account the weight of his plugs. we’re all square.

  8. I love these pictures hahaha. One of my favorite things in the world is when couples take silly pictures togther. =]

  9. Not only are they the cutest couple, they are both total sweethearts!
    I’d love to see some similar style picture but with all their updated modifications over the last year!

  10. Mateo’s says “Love Life” and mine is plain old “VEGAN”.


    We’re gonna take pictures this year too! And we’ll be sure to upload them the year they are made this time! Hahahaha.

  11. Are her breasts real? They look to perfect to be natural. I’m going to hope they’re a gift from science and modern medicine so I have something to save up for and aspire to. Damn.

    I tried looking at their mods/bows twice but her tatas are like a beacon. I can’t look away! And I’m envious.

  12. haha when I saw the bow on her, all I could think is that looks like it would be a really awkward thong…then I saw the bow on him, and realized it had no waist straps and therefore must be hanging onto something else :-O but I love his black arm work and how it goes across his chest, and I also really like that she’s got many different styles of tattoos :-)

  13. Omg, they are rly sweet but at first glance the flower scar on the girls chest looked like chesthair :S

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