34 thoughts on “Sure thing buddy

  1. i dont know why, but who is anyone to question why someone got what ever tattooed

    nice arse too if i say so myself.

  2. 2 nice butt comments on that misshapen-cottage cheesy thing? that even the person getting the tattoo knows is fatty. jesus christ

    atleast the tattoo itself is clean

  3. I GET IT!!

    she thinks she’s a fatty because she has a big butt, but other people must compliment it a lot because they think it’s sexy.

    i could be wrong but this is exactly what happens to me, i think my butt is disgusting and fat but a lot of people give me compliments on it for some reason!

  4. I approve of people taking a keen towards bigger butts…. but not towards mishappen massses of cellulitis

  5. She (i think i see a manicured finger nail so I’m calling gender) has cellulite, but that doesn’t mean she’s got big. There’s no scale frame of reference in the photo – she could be a size 4 or a size 18.

  6. Well, Rachel, you did say you wanted to see more butt pictures without the crack censored out.

    Cellulitis?! Dude, do a Google Image search – that is not going on on my arse! The only inflammation there is from showering and, you know, having a needle jabbed into me a few hundred times an hour before the photo was taken. For a 90kg woman, that’s a pretty fine look mass of meat right there, if I do say so myself.

    I can’t quite tell if you are saying mine is a misshapen mass, or simply adding to your original comment.

    But if you are trying to insult me, at least do it properly… and it spell correctly…

  7. Haha cellulitis is an infection of the deep layers of skin, I think you mean cellulite. Cool tattoo.

  8. Surely its the tattoo we should be commenting on, not the condition of this womans (lovely) posterior.

    So on that note…
    Love the tattoo!

  9. I’m sorry about ruining the politically correct atmosphere, but this ass is in a pathological condition and I sorely despise anyone letting his/her ass turn into a rotting pile of crap.

  10. All these people moaning about her ass, lets see your photo’s?

    I sure as hell wouldn’t be kicking that piece of rump out of bed, rump steak is certainly the second best type here.

  11. Hello i just got a popup from my firewall when i opened your website do you happen to know why this occured? Could it maybe from your advertising or something? Thanks, really odd i hope it was harmless?

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