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I recently wrote about how the Saddle Ranch Chop House abuses their “Anti Gang Tattoo” Policy to keep out heavily tattooed “gang members” like myself and my tattooer friends but the real reason that we were at City Walk was to see the newly released movie Avatar.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge movie buff. Most of the time the biggest response you’ll get from me is “it was okay.” which generally means just that. When asked about Avatar, I said I liked it which means a lot coming from me. One of the things I liked was the integration of mods into the characters. It was so seemless and natural that is it wasn’t for the fact that some characters had stretched lobes and some didn’t, I would have assumed it was just the way they were “born”.

The movie’s male lead is a “jar head” and has stereotypical tribal tattoos.  I couldn’t find anything better so I’m using the images from the movie’s website. He’s got a tribal half sleeve on one arm which you can see a smidge of and a tribal armband on the other arm.


I’d be interested to know if these are Sam Worthington’s real tattoos or if they were fakes used for the movie. Google was about as helpful as ever in directing me to celebrity tattoo sites that had the typical Angelina Jolie tattoos and not much else.  This stuff isn’t as interesting, click through to see some more shots from the movie.


Nothing like scantily clad tiger/cat people to make your night more enjoyable. The female lead in the movie, Neytiri, has what look like 1/2″ stretched lobes, as did several of the other planets indigenous population. Coupled in with natural “stripes”, which remind me of Katzen, they flowed extremely well. I know it’s only a movie and these are just characters but that’s one beautiful looking cat lady.


The last “modification” though not a consensual one, is a mod that we’ve featured here on Modblog many times. We’ve seen all sorts of facial scarification like this one done on bouncers, bounty hunters and other people who want to look like they’ve either been stabbed or attacked by bears. Either way, I think the makeup department did a great job on this one because it looked really realistic on screen.

All of that being said, I definitely would recommend the movie. We saw it in 3D but I think it would be exceptional without the added special effects.

If I had more time, I’d make an IMDB style database of all the mods in movies, just for fun.

**Images are courtesy and property of Fox. Visit their website for more information on the movie.

41 thoughts on “Avatar (The movie)

  1. I was curious about that too. I also watched it in3D and it was really GREAT!
    Avatar brings a interesting discussion about body conciousness… and I was paralyzed watching it! <3

    “I see you” … <3

  2. not to mention the nasal thru septum spike worn by the leader of the ‘plains’ people in the film.. .

    it all was really well done, staying true to what we’ve come to accept as being tribal mods…

    the bio-luminescent spots on the characters, thought not mods but apparently something their born with, are really nice as well…. i’d like to see someone take that idea and convert it into a UV tattoo or something.. .

  3. 5. well, they werent on the Avatars, the mods were on the on the ‘real’ alien people… if you haven’t seen the movie, you may not understand what i’ve just said…

  4. I must admit. One of the first details (Aside from the glaringly obvious cat-person ones) I had noticed on the female lead was her stretched lobes. Probably happened the same with anyone else from here.

    But I’ll also say that I enjoyed the different cultures which they mixed together to make the Na’vi’s. Which is likely where they got the ideas for the stretched lobes and the nose spike.

  5. OMG…I love this movie…i was speechless throughout the whole thing because of the sheer clarity of the CGI work..i am also sorely tempted to do a whole body suit of the blue stripes…

  6. Well,I must say that for me one of the reasons watch this film were female lead’s stretched lobes.But, as well as I saw this film I think they’ve made a really great job thinking about the charecters and their features.I think there are several things that are normal for most modified peaple and were aso normal for Navi in this film, but they are not understood by the other people(nor it real life nor in film).

  7. I definitely loved Neytiri for her stretched lobe (only one was stretched, not both). I loved the nasallang homeboy clan chief was sporting as well!

    I saw it in 3D too and thought it was the best movie I’d seen for a long time. I love me some bioluminescence!

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  9. I dunno about half an inch on Neytiri’s lobe. The Na’vi were almost twice the height of people, and the scene where you see human Jake with Neytiri, look at his hand compared to her lobe. I’m gonna say her lobe was somewhere around an inch, maybe more if I could have gotten a better comparison between humans and the Na’vi.

    Either way, awesome movie. I also loved how the various mods were so integrated with the characters.

  10. I couldn’t remember if it was both or just her right lobe like in the picture. I saw it in 3D so it was kind of hard to tell because the 3D glasses were a little uncomfortable. Either way it was a great movie.

  11. Neytiri only has one lobe stretched. I remember being aware of it and looking out to see if both her lobes were pierced.

    It was definitely a fantastic visual treat overall.

  12. Fred: Try rereading the commentary. I was talking about the mods in the movie. The only review I said about the movie itself was that I like it. Plus I posted something short on Sunday. If you would prefer not to know about modification culture being used in regular media then skip the post.

  13. Anyone that knows *me* knows I’m a huge movie buff! ;) I just saw this tonight and I loved it! What a fabulously beautiful movie. I noticed the stretched ears immediately.

    And now I have 2 pairs of plastic 3D glasses for watching the couple of 3D Blu-Ray movies I own. So it was a win any way you look at it!

  14. I dOn’t know if anyone saw the AMAZINGLY WIN nasallang one ov the other tribe’s leader’s was spOrting- my friends and I all lost our miinds~! :D\

    I alsO squee’d epically to see the main Na’vi girl (who’s name escapes me) with only one stretched ear- I recently had my ears surgically pOinted and had one lobe sewn up to try again (it was sO badly torn) so to see anOther pointy eared freakk with one stretched ear lobe made me massively happy :D

  15. Read your post and thought of another picture of my future husband with those tattoos.

    Look here.

    And yes, the stretched lobes and cuttings were cool to see.

  16. I work at Micky D’s, and was thrilled when I realized that the female character on the giant promotional card board cut-out had stretched lobes.
    It makes me warm and fuzzy inside every time I walk by it.

  17. I couldn’t help buy smile when I saw Neytiri’s (female lead) stretched lobe. There’s also a chieftain of a horse riding clan later in the movie who had a sort of nose piercing, one going straight through the nose horizontally . I know it has a name but I dont know what it is.
    The movie was wonderful though. Rarely do I see such a great balance of elements; action, romance, good visuals, character development, characters to hate and to love, a decent yet not too complex plot, and scenes that grab your attention or bring tears to the eye. Outside of the fun body mods here and there Avatar was a fantastic movie.

  18. I love the Avatar 3D film, particularly the story line, not only it brings a very new feelings but inspiring thoughts of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, cannot wait to see it again…!

  19. I really like the Avatar 3D film, particularly the story line, not only it brings a totally new sensation but eye opening ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to see it again…!

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