Non, je ne regrette rien!


I don’t know what’s going on here but Joseph sends us this tattoo by Mark James in New Jersey.  He titled the submission “I can’t wait to regret this one”.  Interesting Joseph, very interesting.

17 thoughts on “Non, je ne regrette rien!

  1. Ian: The estrogen levels in soy are so slight that it would take eating loads of it to even put a normal amount of it in the body. Realistically, there’s nothing to worry about with eating or drinking soy.

  2. ewwww soy milk tastes so disgusting. ill take my cow juices any day
    plus, this tat is pretty fucked up

  3. ian mckown is one sexy man.

    i know that has nothing to do with this post, other than the fact that he commented on it… but i thought it was a statement that HAD to be made.


  4. That person is probably in regret for having this done, probably will hate this and cover it up for the rest of his life. Hope he gains so much estrogen that his balls fall off. This tattoo is ridiculously foolish and poorly done and it looks like a kid drew this. If i had a kid who drew this, i still wouldn’t receive a tattoo of this kind, id keep it on the fridge were it belongs, to end up falling off and landing on the floor to get swept under and lost for about 10-20 years which is probably how long a a fridge would last. probably longer then this tattoo. please people dont waste your money and skin for tattoos that will with out a doubt be regretful like this just to be covered up in the end.

  5. There is a lot of mythology about soy raising estrogen levels. The facts as I know them include plants making photo estrogen which is different than hormonal estrogen and as of yet the only connection to increased levels of hormonal estrogen from eating soy are from people with something against soy for various reasons including dairy producers and conservative preachers who despise homosexuality and falsely blame soy consumption for increases homosexuality, I have yet to see any actual scientific study that provides a true link.

    Other fun facts include cultures with the lowest rates of osteoporosis are the same cultures with the lowest amounts of dairy consumed. It included information from a small study of only inlduing a few thousand people and only spanning decades. I think it was mentioned in the book China Study. And the proteins in cow milk actually strip calcium and other minerals from your body as it passes through.

    Am I trying to convince anyone to change their milk habits? Do what you want. Just stop telling me that soy is making me gay or somehow changing my hormonal makeup. It isn’t.

  6. i am the one who got this tattoo and no it is not a throat piece, mark is actually an amazing tattoo artist we did this one for shits and giggles so no need for the seriousness of it hahaha

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