The missing link

A lot of the time when you hear about the missing link in the evolutionary chain we think of monkeys, or in terms of taste/skin texture, pigs.

I present to you, the audience, the argument that we are, in fact, closer to cows. And here is proof. In the first image we see a cow with a hole punched into its side.


And, after the break, photo evidence of people living with similar holes in their bodies.

Deep chest piercings on Aghori Baba of Sweeden.

These are some fresh sub clavicle piercings worn by Esmeray. Check her page for updated photos.

Lastly we have BME favorite Pauly Unstoppable with his impressive 1 1/2″ trans scrotal.

So if you are thinking about how you could live with a large gauge piercing, think to yourself WWCD?

29 thoughts on “The missing link

  1. *awaits all the animal lovers to have a tiff over that cow*

    i love deep chest piercings, i wish i had the guts lol

    and paulys balls, everyone loves pauly balls :P

  2. Oddly enough, the cow with the stomach hole is probably the most common of the above, with the possible exception of the trans-scrotal. Used as a teaching tool for agricultural and veterinary students, I almost guarantee there are more cows with holes, or even plexi-glass windows; in their stomachs than there are people with sub-clavs or deep chest piercings in this country.

  3. plexi -glass windows? so like telly tubbies of the agricutural world? lol one day someone will pimp a cow with a flat screen least it’d make them more intresting.

  4. In Australia i belive it is to relieve gas that builds up in their stomach after a particular illness, to save them from a painful death by imploding.

  5. Yeah, window-cows are used to teach about digestion. They dig into their stomachs through the window. It’s pretty gross and they have to be on antibiotics 24/7.

  6. It’s a rumen fistula. It’s getting less and less common nowadays, as controls on what can and can’t be done to animals in the pursuit of knowledge get tighter, but they’re still around.

    Nothing beats sticking your hand through the fibrous mat on the top of a rumen before breakfast on a Monday morning!

    Are those two deep chest piercings with the white PTFE jewellery the same as the ones shown a few months (Or possibly even years) ago, wearing two black spokes in the shape of a T and a cross? If so, they’ve healed fantastically, and still make me think of medieval illustrations of demons.

  7. aghoris deep chest piercings was rejected by his body.
    and i work with people who eat trough a hole in their stomach, so a cow with a hole is old news..

  8. My cousin actually worked with cows at the University of Alberta. They all have the hole in the side of them. I just think it would be neat to stick your hand inside the stomach..where they retrive their samples for testing.

  9. anyone remember that party game where you have to guess what you can feel in the box?????……. hehehe

  10. I don’t know if that’s ours or not, but here at the University of Tennessee, we’ve done exactly that to a cow. The rumen (one of the cow’s stomach chambers) is then attached to tha abdominal wall so you can have easy access to the rumen contents. Lena was the cow’s name when I was an Animal Science major working with this stuff, but she has since dies and I’ve changed majors. It was pretty cool, though, and the it didn’t seem to bother Lena in the least! The funniest part was when she coughed and projectile rumen contents went EVERYWHERE!

  11. oh man, that cow reminds me of going and seeing cows with plexi windows in them at the agricultural college in Wooster Ohio when I was a kid…

  12. Sorry, Dirty Jobs, not Myth Busters, been watching to much Discovery channel this week, it’s blurring together…..

  13. polarbear1986, i was waiting for someone familiar with the process to comment. It is very interesting! I am a zoology major, and my local university (although not my institution of study) has an agricultural program, and they use this process extensively for study. As everyone knows, cows, and most other ruminants have 4 (and sometimes more) stomaches. It doesnt hurt the animal at all, although im sure intial healing would be slightly uncomfortable.
    Bennyboy, i dont believe that is so, cows do produce flatulence a lot however. Its just a plug in the side of the cow, which heals just like anything else would heal.
    Anyways, i think this is super cool to be on modblog, but the skin of mammals is very similar so it really shouldnt be a surprise that this is possible. I personally wouldnt compare it to deep chest piercings or subdermals at all, since its more for research purposes than decoration

  14. I’m an animal science major and we have 6 canulated cows at my university.They don’t even seem to notice when your elbow deep in rumen fluid and partially digested plant matter. They are used to study the digestablity of different food products as well as the life cycles of several anarobic bactieria.

  15. I remember being a kid and taking field trips to the Ag center on campus here in my hometown. We got to put our tiny little paws into the hole and feel around. Smells waaaay worse than most piercings.

  16. Ditto, used to see cows with fistulas all the time at the university where I used to work. It’s for teaching purposes for veterinary and animal science students.

  17. For those of you that are saying “this is why I’m vegan/this is why I don’t eat meat,” I would like to let you know that a hole in the side of a cow is actually a way of saving their life. If a cow were to eat too much green alfalfa (which causes them to produce a lot of gas in their tummy), the amount of gas produced will literally cause them to explode! So this hole in their side is meant to release the gas from their tummy, consequently saving their life. Therefore this is not a form of animal cruelty. And you should be happy that your granddad or whatever invented this. :)

  18. Ive actually seen this on dirty jobs. they did this to study the way that cow stomachs work. mike was actually in the cows stomach as food was passing thru. then, in the end, they plugged the cow right up. i have a hard time not believing that the cow has had infections due to this. if anyone has THAT answer, id like to know.

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