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Happy New Year to everyone! I was checking out and noticed that Bob Roberts was nominated for inclusion in the top 100 moments of 2009.

Voting is still in progress but I wanted to ask Modblog readers to help vote up an icon in our community because he deserves the recognition for all that he has done and continues to do for the tattooing community.

Click here to vote!

100. Bob Roberts: Alive at Canvas LA, Los Angeles
This may have been the first show we went to this year where a jaw-dropped. Haven’t never seen a Bob Roberts’ piece of the size that were on display at Canvas LA, these pieces were like keys to an entire generation of artists who followed the man.

7 thoughts on “Vote for Bob Roberts

  1. Is this the same Bob Roberts that tattooed Kristian White? Ages ago in an interview with BME he addressed the rumor that the reason he got the backpiece covered up was because Bob was such a racist and bigot. He said that wasn’t the whole truth, but confirmed the unpleasant allegation.

    Not sure if this affects anyone’s vote because it’s not about his art, but is this really who BME should be supporting?

    Please do not censor my comment.

  2. Sage: How about a link to the interview instead of just slamming Bob as a racist with no basis for your allegations.

    Bob is someone who has dedicated his life to the community and without him as one of the pioneers of our community, having been a tattooer for 37 years, things would be a lot different than they are today. So yes, I am very supportive of him and what he has done for the community at large.


    BME: I heard that you were going to be learning to tattoo?

    KW: I actually know how to tattoo but I don’t do it that often. I was doing some hand-picking work. I know how to use a machine also. I bought a machine to fill in a lot of my black work. I started getting tattooed when I was sixteen years old, and I wanted big stuff but I didn’t know what was available. The big stuff all seemed to be Japanese work, and Bob Roberts was pretty good with Japanese style work, so that’s what I went with, but as I get older, and evolve as a person and ideas, I find I’m more attracted to tribal style work. I’m keeping my Japanese style back piece, but I’m really into the Kayapo Amazonian Indians, the way they paint their bodies, so I’m actually tattooing my body sort of the way they tattoo their bodies, but also keeping my back piece.

    BME: So it wasn’t a personal backlash (like rumor says)?

    KW: No. It was just hard for me to keep going to him and finishing my tattoo knowing that he hates queers and hates black people and hates anything that’s not white. It’s hard when you start a big project with someone many years ago and you try to ignore stuff that they say or talk about because, what are you going to do? They’ve started this huge piece on you… It wasn’t a backlash, but it pushed me to something that I’m going to be happier with in the long run. I just wasn’t comfortable getting tattooed by him any more.

  4. Kristian says he hates “queers, black people and anything not white” so we should just take him at his word and write off everything that Bob has done for the community?

    Spotlight Tattoo has been around for almost 30 years, Bob has been tattooing for 37 years and both are part of the cornerstones of our community.

    I was out to dinner with Bob the other night when he compliment a beautiful black girl and her asian friend and asked them both out. I hardly see him as “hating everything that isn’t white” so the statement is ridiculous.

    My great aunt used to refer to black people as colored because that’s what they were called when she was raised. Does that make her a racist? No.

    Regardless of what the old interview says, I do not think of Bob as a racist nor would I categorize him as one.

    It’s a shame that a post asking for people to vote for his art show, which was amazing to be a part of, has gone what has become the status quo for modblog posts to devolve into whatever negative angle that people leaving comments can find.

  5. Rachel, take a pill. You asked the boy to put his money where his mouth was, and I gave him a hand. 5 posts, only one of which was negative is not what I would call “what has become the status quo for modblog posts to devolve into whatever negative angle that people leaving comments can find.” And if you think it is, then you have a very low opinion of your readers and no one can say anything other than a reflection of your positive opinion without criticism from you. The fact that NO ONE else has bothered to comment on this post tells me that the majority of your readers are mature thoughtful people who know when to take something seriously and when not to.

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