Biomechanical tattoo? I don’t see anything but Ricub.

So yesterday, I went cruising the BME tattoo galleries looking for potential Modblog features. That’s when I noticed the newest entry in the Biomechanical Tattoo gallery. The only problem was when I looked at the picture I didn’t notice any biomech tattoos, all I could focus on was Ricub’s perfect form. After a few short hours of admiring her, I FINALLY saw the biomechanical tattoo! It’s on her beefcake of a boyfriend, Sick who also happened to be in the picture.


I got to thinking that Ricub MUST be one of the sexiest ladies on BME. Then I thought about Siren and Jasmine and Joli and Jes and Resilent and…..well I could go on all day easily. So starting this evening, every Friday will be BME Girl Friday! I will feature a few of the sexiest ladies BME has to offer and you guys will vote on your favorites! Every month we will have a winner and at the end of the year those 12 sexy ladies will go into a BME Girls calendar!

Full details tonight, but for now keep reading to enjoy more of Ricub.



Remember, check back tonight for full rules/details about the BME Girls Fridays!

140 thoughts on “Biomechanical tattoo? I don’t see anything but Ricub.

  1. Goddamn Sean Im digging your style. Youre pretty much just throwing all the names around from the naked girls forum. There is a god. And it resides in each one of the these young womens vaginas, and or other orifices. I guess, you know with the whole Trinity thing, we can go ahead and say god is in the mouth vagina and ass and each and every one of these young ladies. And all the young ladies of the world. I mean this in the most respectful, dignified, and non-objectifiable way possible. I may have failed miserably.

  2. Did I just post that? Shit. Its 930 am and I still havent slept. Any offense can be chalked up to that, and not as any deficiency of my personality. :D

  3. way to make everyone else feel like shit.

    how about modblog focuses on more on modification and less on cunt?

  4. A once a week feature on beautiful ladies makes you feel like shit? I am sorry about that.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to please the 112,387 average daily readers of modblog, so what I am doing with my post is mixing up all the stuff I would want to see on modblog. Also, by doing a calendar and involving the readers, we make something very marketable that can potentially help BME out of it’s financial slump from this silly lawsuit and ANYONE reading this should appreciate that.

    K, the 20-30 non BMEGirls post I make a week are there for people who aren’t just here for “cunt”. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, feel free to email me.

  5. I just wanted to add that me and Ri also meet through bme close to two years ago. Thanks BME :)

  6. great to know that to be sexy you have to have almost nude/nude photos of yourself online…

  7. Wow, I can’t wait for the weekly feature where we get to vote on the sexiest BME boys and put them naked in a calendar.

  8. Way to go, number 4. I don’t understand why this is posted here. Come on guys, class it up a notch.

  9. Ian, maybe you should just keep your rude comments to yourself.

    Yay! Ri is a lovely, gorgeous lady! So is her man Aaron!
    & I’d love to point out that I believe there is a glass dildo on her pillow?
    <3 you Ri!

  10. Am I to assume that there will be no BME Boys edition?

    I understand that a large portion of people like to look at beautiful naked ladies but what’s wrong with keeping the gender equality. Why can’t the straight females and queers boys have the same privilege? Where’s the BME boys calendar full of hot naked modified flesh?

    I am completely in favour of making a show of people and their perceived sexual desire. Just keep it equal, I need my boy fix just as much as the fill of females.

  11. hahah I’m sensing just a hint of Jealousy amongst this group. She’s a beautiful young woman and instead of bashing her for being confident you should try having at least a small amount of confidence in yourself as well!

  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a beautiful woman posting VOLUNTARILY TAKEN photos of themselves, or being comfortable with their own body.
    No one complains when there’s a big fat cock on ModBlog, but ohhhh noooooo girls are not CLASSY if they sow their TITS. Or maybe the people complaining are just prudes who can’t grasp that some people don’t view nudity as a complete taboo like them?

  13. Well great! You can look at his tattoos, and i shall look at her wonderful breasts. Theres something for everyone on Modblog folks.

  14. ian– jesus christ. stop critiquing her body like that, fuck. you are talking about a person– that is the way she is formed and it is holistically beautiful, just like anyone elses body (regardless of shape or size)– not an object that must live up to your whacked out standards of beauty. you’re just voicing and perpetuating really disturbing trends in our society that demand a woman must look a certain way or have certain features in order to have worth. it’s like your creating some frankenstein of a perfect woman… “if ricub had THIS girls butt and THIS girls tits and THIS girls stomach, well then we’d be talking!”
    if you want to keep seeing women post pictures of themselves naked, then you better shut the fuck up unless you have something nice to say.

  15. Stop cryin and playin the sexist card. If the beautiful girl didn’t want attention, then she wouldn’t have posed semi nude for the camera, to only then put it on the bloody internets… Duh.

    Give us a break.

    Meanwhile.. Yes…. Orifices. Yummy.

    Tattoos not too bad either I guess..

  16. You know, I don’t particularly care that the photo is of a skimpily-dressed girl, but can we at least have something better than grainy, blurry webcam shots?

  17. Nice picture, not because I can see boobs, but because she is okay with her body and doesn’t have a problem showing it. Ups for this couple. Nice tattoos btw

  18. we all clearly know ian is a douche, has no respect and will continue to go on in life with this ignorance and one day when this fuck is on it’s death bed, they’ll know they fucked up in life.

    RICUB, you seriously are one of the most gorgeous looking ladies in this whole world and deserve nothing but praise.

  19. can we go back to the the non-webcam BME Girls? I could actually see their tattoos, and having a head is pretty sexy too.

  20. Yeah I’m not gonna lie, I’m gettin kind of bored with the vag. I mean, I’m not gonna turn down a beautiful lady, but what about some beautiful men? Not enough dick, imo.

  21. I think this site has recently become a giant clam bake. Really? There is nothing else interesting enough online that you have to keep posting half naked girls “for the sake of posting half naked girls”? Or how about posting someone who hasn’t already been featured a million times? Or some decent quality photos?

    Where are the other writers here? I’m getting sick of seeing non mod related posts that were written by some misogynistic pin head.

  22. Whilst I totally agree that they are a very beautiful couple, I’d like to see more clear shots of their tattoos, plz?

    I mean, the third picture has no mods in at all…

  23. Seeing beautiful well photographed girls on here is awesome (if a little bit disheartening for the less perfectly formed) but come on, blurry webccam photo’s not even pretending to be about the mods? There’s plenty of places you can see that on the internet.

  24. Webcam shots or not, if you are interested in her mods, there is a link to her iam page where you can view more on them. This post is obviously to point out that Ricub inspired Sean to come up with the idea of the BME Girls Friday features, not to judge Ricub or say that naked girls are classless, which is ridiculous. I also don’t believe for one second that every single photo featured on ModBlog should be shunned if it does not have a tattoo or piercing in it, especially if there are MULTIPLE photos of that person in one set, that obviously show that they have mods. You’re all so fucking picky. You aren’t paying for ModBlog, these people do it out of the kindness of their hearts for YOU, and all you do is nitpick and whine.

  25. well i dont know, moan about pretty girls being posted, moan when a cock gets posted, moan when a chocked off cock gets posted, moan when someone is a little bit hairy, or vegan, or straight edge. or all 3.

    i dont know, IMHO i dont find her “that” attractive nice to look at but i wouldnt, i like girls with curves

  26. i don’t see much that’s amazing here. didn’t modblog used to document all the neat and exciting things going on?

  27. modblog documents well, mods. she has them, he has them, thats all thats needed. “amazing” or not

  28. What if every Friday, you post a ‘sexy’ woman OR man and then make a calendar of that. That way, everyone gets what they want and the poster seems like less of a sexist douche. I would totally buy a BME calendar, but I’d like some men mixed in there too. My vote for January and February are these two fine looking people.

  29. #40, HOLY SHIT. Aaron, why the fuck is that thing not in the boys forum? And Ri, how does that not fucking break you?!

  30. I have mixed feelings on this whole entry.

    Hell YES for naked. Hooray for BMEgirls calendar! Mm at beefcakes.


    The first picture would have been enough because it actually showcased hotness AND mods….the last three are just random bad nudes that don’t showcase the mods very well at all. I mean…to be honest, they’re almost a distraction because you WANT to see more of them but…can’t really…because there’s too much hip/tit thrusting action going on.

  31. Ok, look, I like naked sexy ladies as much as the next guy, but I have to say that modblog is quickly becoming about THEM and NOT about body modification. I come here to see excellent tattoos and piercings, not people fawning over how attractive naked girls are. making a post about how you didn’t even notice the tattoo in the picture at first doesn’t help, it encourages people to focus on what you focus on, and then post more pictures that are not far off from pornography. I would like to see more body modification, seeing as that is the topic of this blog.

  32. And bring on judging of a woman’s body, where the ones not chosen or not voted for will feel like shit. Also where the same body types will most be the only ones posted, not taking into consideration of different female forms and shapes and sizes that can be sexy.


  33. Then those people should contribute to or support BME in some way to obtain one, thus not having anything to whine about.

  34. i thought everyone knew BME and modblog always likes to post T&A every now and again?
    i dont see the problem, she’s a gorgeous lady and if i had her figure i’d pose naked too! more power to the lady and nice mods on them both.

  35. To be fair though modblog has always been a public blog, not only to entertain iam members, but also to showcase and educate to those people who maybe aren’t into modification like we are.

    My boyfriend has contributed to bme and is heavily modified, but has never wanted an iam account because he’s not really into the whole internet community thing. Does that mean he shouldn’t be allowed to have a quick peek at modblog now and again? Has he got less right to comment than iam members? Just because you have an account doesn’t make your opinion any more worthy or give you any less right to ‘whine’.

    Not everyone wants an account on iam, but still enjoy stopping by to look at something they are/could be interested in.

  36. 41.Emily “woman OR man and then make a calendar of that.”
    You will buy it, several girls will buy it… But for 1 girl who will buy a calendar with nudity, 100 boys will buy the calendar…
    For example, in France there is a well-known calendar (“Dieux du stade” – “Gods of stadium”) with sexy rugby men from the National team… When it was done for the first time, it was sexy and for girls… Now, several years later, you can see some parts of their dicks and they give cuddles to each other under the shower ! Men (gay, here) are always a better target for commercial stuffs like that !!
    (if you are interested lol :–calendrier-hot/12-dieuxdustade2010-9.jpg–calendrier-hot/9-dieuxdustade2010-6.jpg–calendrier-hot/1-dieuxdustade2010-10.jpg)

    Concerning these photos, it does not seem interesting to me… Bad quality, her pose is a cliché…

  37. Okay.

    Right: “Whoah omg what a wonderful couple great ink and great bodies too omg”

    Wrong: 50-post flame about the usual bullshit nobody cares about.


    Great. Let’s move on now.

  38. i want to see more cute fat chicks with mods, enough of the skinny chicks with nothing to grab on to….

  39. Aaaawwwwwww…. Joli doesn’t like me :’( haha. if tattoos can be critiqued, then so can bodies.

    As far as my “knowing I fucked up on my deathbed” .. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. yeah.. I’m very worried.

    look. somone posts a naked body to ook at.. it’s gonna be commented on. if I don’t like it, I will say so. no biggie. She does have a nicer body than Joli,..

  40. sorry but all the comments on this post made me think of the big lebowski ” he treats objects like women man”

  41. omg omg omg i liek the subtle change in the last two pictures it looks liek her shirt just disapperaed and she even have to move its liek magic lol and she stays the same that is one lucy man

  42. Besides the fighting amongst hens in the chicken coop, I think this couple is gorgeous, with gorgeous mods. I love her sleeve, for instance. And body wise, she’s the kind of skinny girl I like. She isn’t pointy or particularly unhealthy looking, which is good. And he’s gorgeous as well, all of his work really suits him. Not to mention I’m pretty intrigued by his nipple removal! But I like that sort of stuff.

    That aside, I think the calendar is a need idea. I also agree that there should be an equal part men (I’m not myself a member of BME, so I’m not sure if that’s because of the authors, or a lack of photos in general.), and perhaps a little more mix when it comes to body types? This isn’t a complaint at all, merely a suggestion, I promise!

  43. Ha, it’s really sad to see, we all lost our kindergarten ethics… Don’t speak unless you have something nice to say!

    Anyways, no matter the quality, or why this picture was posted, it is a beautiful picture, they are a beautiful BME couple, who both have BEAUTIFUL bodies, and great mods. They are a smokin’ hot couple! Sean, please post more pictures like this! :)


    2) I hate the stupid fucking arguments that pop up here whenever anything the fuck interesting happens, it’s actually put me completely off BME AND IAM both for the past few months I hate to say, and only came back because I needed to vent to my diary…

    3) Sean I has a suggestion. In the coming overhaul, try figure out a way to like block certain people or something. Because there sure as hell are people here who don’t deserve to be here.

    4) Ian. You remind me of my ex boyfriend, also called Ian. He is currently harassing me online on a daily basis, solely for his own enjoyment. It’s actually amazing how much you have in common.


  45. 24 – ian mckown: There’s a big difference between speaking your mind and insulting people. you could have made a generalized comment about preffering women who have a little more junk in the trunk (etc.) without straight out telling ricub you think she’s unattractive, thats not speaking your mind, its being rude.

    Sean I think BME Girl Friday is an awesome plan, and so is the calendar! However, I’m gonna have to agree with Sara in regards to the lack of hot men/dick on modblog. Boys start posting!! And maybe we could have BME Boys Wednesday?? :D pleeeease

  46. do we really need to make iam even more of a popularity contest? also, are people notified before they are featured on modblog?

  47. I also think there should be men in the mix somewhere. If not a co-ed calendar, then a completely separate BME Boys Calendar! Ohhhhhhh I would probably get both if I had the cash…

  48. i agree with emily ^^^i spoke my mind and yet (and hope) i havent insulted someone by saying i like curvy women.

    i think a calender idea was passed around a while ago, but i could see iusses, someone will moan theres to much of this type of girl over that type etc and so on.

    B.A. im not sure if people are, i doubt it, but im not sure. not sure where you getting a “popularty contest” from? so long as people are nice, hay why can’t they be popular.

  49. The BMEGirls post will be comment moderated with a ZERO tolerance policy for negative comments. If a girls is brave enough and generous enough to share her body with us, I am not going to allow them to be openly criticized.

    As for BME Boys, I am not opposed to the idea, but here is the thing. I work 60 hours a week and have an 8 month old son. All my modblog work is voluntary, and it takes a LOT of time. I do it because I want to give back to a website that has given so much to me. I am going to see if one of the female modblog authors wants the task, unfortunately I do not think I will have the time to do both. I am doing a BME Girls thing because A) I like pretty girls & B) BME will sell triple the amount of BME girls calendars as it would BME boys and part of the motivation behind this is me coming up with a money generator for BME since I am way too broke to donate myself.

  50. Pretty much on every mod blog people feel the need to make some rude remark. it’s lame.
    oh well, Ricub and Sick are hot<3

  51. Ok, I rarely comment but now I feel the need to.

    These people are beautiful, I can’t argue that. I am happy that they share their pictures on bme. I just REALLY for the life of can’t understand why these images are on modblog. The first photo has some semi – interesting mod comment but honestly… The other 3 are nothing but tits and ass. Sure, you can see some ink in #2 and #4 – but just barely and the image quality is low. I really just don’t understand why these images are here, and I’m disappointed with where modblog is going.

    I’m all for beautiful ladies but I also expect to see quality photos on modblog that feauture interesting mods. These images appear .to be all about tits and ass with a little bit of standard ink thrown in for relevance.

    Again, beautiful people and a lovely looking couple. But if I wanted to see photos like that, I can go browse the galleries.

  52. The guy is adorable. I wish there were more pics of his tattoos/piercings! I like the first picture’s composition.

    My main issue with this post is the poor quality pics…I thought you had to have decent resolution pictures to be featured on modblog. Also, if she wants to be nude/semi-nude in her pics, I think that’s her choice (although, with that, you’d have to be willing to deal with complimentary, perverted, or downright rude comments about your body).

    However, I’d like to be able to see more of the mods in these nude pics…in the second pic, I can’t make out what it says on her arm, and I can hardly see what’s on her other arm. In the next pic, there’s just a pinch of what’s on her shoulder, and in the last pic, I can see her arm tattoo alright (given the bad quality pics) but these pictures are hardly about mods…more like sexy pics she took to send to her boyfriend. I thought this blog was about mods…nudity I’m fine with, but when I can barely see the tattoos, then it’s no longer about that.

    @ xXx – sometimes, I secretly like Ian’s comments too…lol

  53. She is very pretty and does have a lovely body, however, I think a girl with a little modesty or class (I’m not implying she is or isn’t a classy person, but these photos are far from classy imo) is far more attractive. Attention seeking females are such a turnoff and leaves nothing to the the imagination. It says to me, “hey, I need to be given the spotlight all the time no matter what.” I’d like to see their work instead of terrible poses in a messy room. #57, agreed. I think the calender is a great idea, but also agree that it should be for guys AND gals!

  54. Sometimes, Modblog post aren’t about the mods, nor about the pictures, they are about the modified people in them. Sometimes the post focus on that persons inner self and sometimes on the outer self. We are a community largely based on changing our appearance, let’s not forget that.

  55. woah, that’s a lot of arguing but it does feel nice to be modblogged.

    i really appreciate all the compliments that sick and i got. for those of you who weren’t feeling it, that’s totally cool too. i do have better pictures of my sleeve (taken with a camera) on my page if you’re interested. i’d also like to mention that both sick and i’s sleeves were done by jason maybruck. jason is an amazing artist and i can’t wait to finish up my sleeve with him, then go onto the next project.!

    ian, it’s true. i’m no buffie the body but i’ve always been a proud member of the bite-sized booty club.

  56. Y’know what I think? Fuck all the moaning from the fatties and the uglies. I love to look at hot bitches and their immense assets. If ya jealous, fuck off and cry.

  57. >>>ian, it’s true. i’m no buffie the body but i’ve always been a proud member of the bite-sized booty club.

    you see how cute and disarming she is? the rest of you can learn from her. :)

  58. ian mckown:

    you’re a shit stirrer, just wind them up and watch them go.

    I’d say not very eloquent in your methods, but we all get our kicks in different ways.

    Have fun with your internet ant-farm shaking.

  59. “Remember, check back tonight for full rules/details about the BME Girls Fridays!”

    aren’t the rules simply:
    1) must have vagina
    2) must have piercing or tattoo – doesn’t even have to be hugely visible in the pictures
    3) tits you say? post that bitch! NOW!

    can’t you just create a ‘blatant porn’ fork to file this shit away somewhere for the kids then find some real body mod content instead? :\

  60. i’m an excellent detective (or is it cooler to say forensic psychologist?)

    Say something rude, or particularly insensitive to an audience of uptight PC individuals (no, i’m not talking about any of you) who will obviously disagree with your assesment and await inflamatory responses.

    Respond curtly and with disrespect, acknowledging your superior intellect, and your respondents poorly worded retort.

    Feel superior to yourself, and then wait for the opportunity to do it again.

    In reality, you’re probaly a well mannered, nice guy who comes off as a jerk on the internet.


    Ricub, you look lovely.

    Sick, you might want to hit the gym.

  61. if i’m going to see vag, i’d like a tattoo to be clearly visible as well.
    boys would be pissed if you posted a penis with NO mods around it, why can’t the girls be mad too

  62. Brian is the best…He’s taken so many AWESOME pictures of me. Hahahahahaha

    Ri and I have talked about transforming booty…
    I’m still working on it too, hun. ;)

  63. I think Sick looks great the way he is…no need to work out more, just maintain what he’s got.

    It is pretty amazing how riled up people can get over comments someone they’ve never met left. Is it bad that whenever I see a modblog post that I think is worth commenting, I wonder what Ian’s comment is going to be? Haha I KNOW there’s going to be someone leaving negative/outrageous comments, it’s just a matter of what. Sure it’s insulting, but that’s part of life…there’s always going to be people like that. I would be up for getting tattooed by Ian if we were in the same city lol

  64. Both Ri and Aaron are sweet, awesome people. Who just happen to be really hot. Because really, who WANTS to sit around looking at ugly people all day? So shove it.

  65. Ian: Man crush away. Just be sure to lambast me when Sean “interviews” me, or i’m gonna call you out on losing your edge

    GoGo: i have the best pictures of you ever!

    SS: It really wouldn’t hurt for him to tone up a bit.

    Aaron: when is the last time we were shirtless in the basement of a gay bar together? the answer, too long.

  66. I’m actuallyquite endearing in my day to day life. Funny how i can say girl has a shovel butt, but in reality make no comment as to whether i find her attractive or not….yet people think I was calling her ugly or something. haha. she is hot… but that doesn’t mean she isn’t rocking a shovel butt… I’ve got a big nose, smallish hands and my legs are so bug I waddle around.

    it isnt a judgement to notice things about people.. it’s just being aware and honest.

    SS- i’d be happy to tattoo ya

  67. To all of you that are saying “quit bitching, she’s hot, this is why I don’t like coming to modblog you all complain”…
    The comments section is for people to voice their opinions too. Just sayin’. It’s not just for “ooh s/he is hot”. 15094 comments on “ooh that’s hot” is a bit tedious anyway. Besides commentary on the actual mods or picture, people voicing their opinions on whether they want more mods or more nudes is going to give webby a better idea of what to post. I for one would rather see more varied body types and more menz on the blog, thank you.
    Another reminder… you don’t HAVE to read the comments if they annoy you so much you stop reading the blog.

    I would have loved to have seen a better picture of her sleeve on here, instead of having to go on iam. I fortunately have an account right now, but a: sometimes I don’t and b: like someone mentioned, I do not think everyone should have to have an iam account to view the actual mods on someone.
    Now that I got that off my chest…proceed in giving your opinion on telling people they should shut up:)

  68. and i must say even though i like ians comments most of the time, nothing against Ri at all id still bury my face between those buttcheeks and have my way

  69. shame that BME is stooping to this. why not just keep it at mods? there are` plenty of ‘erotic’ websites out there where people can perve all day at naked modded men/women, so why do we have to have it on here.

    more focus on tattoos and piercings, rather than tits n ass please!

  70. ian mckown= epic troll. well at least until he admitted to it bahaha :P

    and needless to say, this post is well deserved. absolutely gorgeous.

  71. I find this weird. In 3 of the 4 photos you can’t see her face, and in 2 of them you can’t even see her head. Ok, in one photo you can see her sleeve, but the only common element in all 4 photos is her breasts. I dunno. Supposedly this is a place that embraces all types of people and bodies: fair enough. But based on this series of images I really don’t get the point of BME Girl Friday. Is it to showcase the bodies of women Sean finds attractive? What is the voting supposed to be based on? The girls’ body shapes? The size of their breasts? Or their mods? And if the latter, then why the glaring lack of emphasis on this girl’s mods? And don’t you think that a calendar of well done, tasteful photos of modified people would appeal to a much broader audience (and therefore be a better seller) than bad photos of naked women’s body parts, which any 12 year old can find online in fewer than five clicks?

  72. The voting is based on only one thing, what the readers and potential customers of a BME Girls calendar wants to see featured there. I will post ANY submission and the readers will decide who gets featured. Did I post girls I personally find attractive as an intro to the concept? Absolutely. However, that is all the involvement I have and or will have in the selection process. You see a girl you want featured, please suggest she submit some pictures.

  73. PS; anyone concerned with “feeling insecure” after seeing some pictures should try being me the moment my wife clicked the link to the old modblog post with Sick naked! That, my friends, is a reason to feel insecure!

  74. I like how people are being iffy about the whole calendar thing since BME has tried it in the past before.

    Whether it was the BME trading Cards, the BME Pinup contest (what 4-5 years ago), or any of the various projects.

  75. PS; anyone concerned with “feeling insecure” after seeing some pictures should try being me the moment my wife clicked the link to the old modblog post with Sick naked! That, my friends, is a reason to feel insecure!

    why? he’s skinny

  76. Ugh, to me these feel like pictures that the Geek Squad stole off her computer when she took it in for repairs. D:

  77. The first and last photos look like she got a bit heavy-handed with the blur tool on her back.

    Seriously, modblog, I love scantily-clad lady photos, but grainy 2004-Myspace quality is disappointing when compared to what used to get posted on here.

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