Better late than never news

Here we are once again with another edition of “Better Late Than Never” news.

For you fashionistas, Chanel is going to start selling runway inspired temporary tattoos.  That’s hot.

Got lots of time on your hands?  Play the “Guess Who” celebrity tattoo game.

Tattoo school? A mom opens a tattoo school as a legacy for her deceased son.

Tattoos and piercings = deviance?  Only if you’ve got lots of them, according to a study done at Texas Tech University.

In Texas, a 13 year old boy gets his tongue pierced without permission.  The article includes a video.

In Nebraska, a man is charged with giving tattooing four young teenage girls after giving them alcohol.

In movie news, remember StrangelandThey’re making a part 2!  At least that’s the rumour.

Is inky tattoo kinky? How’s that for an eye catching title?  The story is out of India, which makes for a nice change from North American news.

That’s it for this installment.  If you come across some interesting news, feel free to send it my way for inclusion here.

19 thoughts on “Better late than never news

  1. the tattoo school has a good intentions but sounds like it will produce nothing but people who think they can tattoo when they cant. she even says flat out in the article “you dont need to be artistic to tattooo…most of the time you’re tattooing stencils.” jeesh!

  2. Did anyone notice in the video about the 13 year old that “tongue” was misspelled on the sign the piercing booth. Not to mention that that lady is doing all kinds of surface work out of a frickin flea market booth…Must be a really high class establishment.

  3. “You don’t need to be artistic to tattoo,”????? Yeah, they’re only called tattoo ARTISTS. It’s too bad her son died, but it seems to me like she is using his memory to scam people. That’s so wrong.

  4. I loved the indian article. Nice to get a different perspective and a very thorough one as far as different opinions on them,

  5. i dont know if she is trying to scam, or just doesn’t know any better. its sad, the tattoo portrait of her son doesnt look very well done

  6. at -1:15 in the video about the 13yo getting his tongue pierced, It says microdermal on the sign. That is so utterly disgusting.

  7. a 2 week course wtf .. Yeah its cheap compared to other options.. because its crap..
    glad I dont live in that town

  8. That study is absolute bullshit. I have 30 piercings, 2 tattoos and 5 scarifications yet I have had 1 sexual partner of which is someone I’ve been with for almost 2 years, never had a drop of alcohol, never a puff of a cigarette, never done any recreational drugs or been arrested ever in my life. That study is nothing but a fucked up biased opinion, not science of any kind.

  9. the replies to that chanel article are absolutely insane. fuck closed-minded people.

  10. Skittles5000,

    Here’s the link to the paper in question – – have a read.

    No ones claiming if you have a few piercing that it makes you a mad drug crazed, sexual deviant – just you are statistically more likely to be so :D. Statistics is about populations, not about individuals. The methods of that paper are a little suspect though; basically treating religious school students and state school students as identical – This would cause a problem if state school students and both more likely to be modified and ‘deviants’ than religious school students, causing a spurious association between the two. This association might not exist WITHIN either group of students. Also, its just a correlative paper, no cause and effect is implied, and the authors acknowledge this.


  11. True story, you don’t have to be an artist to tattoo. There are tattoo artists, and then there are tattooists.

    I only hope that she has a diamond in the rough who will actually learn something and go on to be awesome. Unlikely, but yeah.

  12. skittles5000:

    like JimmyJazz has written, the sample groups are questionable, correlation is not causation, and there are always outliers in statistics!

    the research team has a very broad operational definition of “deviance”, which i think is highly problematic.

    i personally think that first year university students are a horrible sample. of course they are going to binge drink – a LOT of university students do, and alcohol is readily available at on campus pubs and restaurants.

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