Fist pumpin’ with the best of them.

We all have a thing we like to do that may or may not embarrass us if word got out that we did them. Well my thing is watching terrible TV shows on MTV, and it don’t get no worse than this show here. Its like watching a train wreck, its terrible but you can’t peel your eyes away.

In any case, I wanted to talk a little about my favorite “guido” in the house: Pauly D. He has so much going on with him it’ll make your head spin. He has a full arsenal of tattoos, has a penis piercing (although his website doesn’t specify which type) and he may or may not have suspended (in one of the episodes it looks like he is wearing hooks on a chain). That plus some of the other non-permanent modifications like the deep tan, perfect blow out and big oily muscles. This guy has it all!

Now I want to know, since I shared my secret with you, what is your dirty little secret indulgence?

More fist pumping action after the break


102 thoughts on “Fist pumpin’ with the best of them.

  1. I have so much hatred for guidos I don’t know where to begin. Those weak minded cunts don’t deserve to live.

  2. jamie’s comment is completely inappropriate.
    anyway, isn’t pauly the one that does the dj thing? i think…
    that’s cool to learn more about him. :)

  3. I understand the interest in expanding the ModBlog writers – but why feature low quality script and heinous flash?

    Really? Poor choice.

  4. I would just like to take this time, before things get out of hand, to state that this is not an educational piece at all. I posted it because I enjoy the show as a purely junk food for my brain sort of thing, and though other people would also be amused by it.

    Please keep any racist comments to yourself.

  5. Jamie, Paulie D is a smart guy that “gets” who he is and what his “character” is. Your post is ignorant. And ignorant is the worst thing to be when you’re accusing someone of being ignorant themselves.

    I recognize that Cadillac tatttoo BTW. Has it been featured on BME? I guess if these are BME pictures he is a member?

  6. my secret indulgences include peeing in the sink and watching bob vila reruns.

    but from the commercials i’ve seen, jersey shore looks bad enough to be good. :P yay Lily!

  7. i think this is highly entertaining. its like watching a nat geo special on a tribe the lives in new jersey and all their mystical ways….there arent any guidos in tx! that fist pimping thing is…interesting.
    also, suspension, really? i doubt it. pics or it didnt happen!

  8. Since when did Guido qualify as a race? Last I checked it was essentialy like calling a Mexican a wetback or someone Jewish a kike. Or when I get called an asshole I can say it you’re being racist. Stupid show, stupid post. Makes me wonder just who Rachel lets post on here. At least get you facts straight.

    Btw, I’m taking porchmonkey back. Oh yeah.

  9. I love this show – the cast actually seem to be much kinder and decent people than any other reality show cast ever
    I dunno, something about them makes me smile, and Im a bearded hessian

  10. I love modblog, but i really hate this post. Everyone talks about this shitty show and now it gets featured on modblog =(

  11. In response to Jamie’s “racist” remark, the actors refer to themselves as guidos (and “guidettes”), as does MTV in their advertising of the show.

  12. Ugh… Jersey Shore. So bad, but so good… And Snooki is such a hag.
    I also like watching Million Dollar Listing. Those boys have their heads so far up their asses; it’s rather impressive.

  13. My secret indulgence is Tyra Banks (More specifically, America’s Next Top Model).

    Maybe it’s just me, but this dude just.. looks like the definition of “douche”. Though, I don’t know him, so that’s an unfair judgment.

    I don’t mind his tattoos..

  14. Full disclosure: I spent years believing the word was pronounced like “guy-do”. At least my eyes are open now!
    Also, in terms of people jumping on this post because his mods are “boring”, how many posts feature naked women with barely any mods or mods that are cliche? It’s not more interesting because you can see nipples or more artistic because its in oh-so-daring black and white, whereas the authour here stated at the outset that it is strictly for entertainment value. Get a grip.

  15. okay. so. lame.

    before you whinge about not mentioning his mods, (what a few dodgey script pieces?) again, lame.

  16. #11: ahahaha awesome

    and yes, the show is totally junkfood for the brain, and this post is obviously for pure amusement, nothing more. lighten up guys.

  17. Hm.. the one in the middle of is back is semi-interesting.
    His hair kinda freaks me out.

  18. I love that Lily posted this. So many of us watch this show. Have you guys looked at the ratings? Even if you watch it because its TERRIBLE, you still watch it. I like the Cadillac tattoo. I doubt he copied anyone. I have an artichoke tattoo, if someone else has it did they copy me? Stop being ignorant. Cadillac is a brand and it looks better the way Pauly and Travis have it. Regardless of that, this modblog post made me giggle and it was great. Hopefully if you have nothing good to say you can learn to not say anything.

  19. i live in woodbridge, ON
    but who cares right? well, woodbridge is predominantly italian. the teenagers are mostly spoiled. they are also probably suffering from mental retardation.
    my point?
    they surround me everywhere i go. it’s GUIDOLAND OVA HURRRR.

    and then they decide they will be a different kind of guido and form bands like this:

  20. i watched TV last week ,for the first time in years.. i had to turn it off. the shows on TV are disgusting ,stupid , and loud… there was a reality show on MTV (i think) about teenage chicks getting knocked up , and how badly they regret it … YUCK.

  21. Shanwich, that is actual reality. Teenage girls all over ARE getting knocked up and regretting it. The show lets you see what they go through and the consequences they have after making the choice of having unprotected sex. Frankly, if that saves even one teenage girl from making the same mistake then I think the show has done a good job.

  22. im italian from the bronx new york and trust me people like this do exist, fist pumping is an actual dance and yes they do sleep with their hair like that and wake up without a hair out of place cause of all the shit thats in it! its like a hair helmet lol. im so ashamed of them but the show is STILL my guilty pleasure LMAO!!

  23. Like really? A cadillac tattoo? You think that’s hot?
    What a horrible attempt at TRYING to find anything to post and TRYING to make it seem relevant.
    Oh my god tv show, tv show, tv show, oh and this is relevant because of these god awful horrible thoughtless tattoos, omg tv show, tv show, tv show.


  24. i have never seen this show before…never even heard of it actually because i hate watching the ‘idiot box’
    but this guy looks like a total douche, his tattoos make me want to throw up…..and Travis Barker should have died in that plane crash…..seriously

  25. As an Italian American, I’m incredibly disgusted with the stereotype this show promotes. I refuse to watch it, and agree with Ashely Ketchum.

    Now, had this just been a “What’s your guilty pleasure” post, I would have been happy to participate, but now I’m just going to sign off.

  26. for one. this show gives a terrible name to all residents of new jersey, such as myself. It also gives a bad name to italians, which I am but do not promote, considering most are arrogant and pompous of their native culture and mix up words like capicolla and gabbagoo or mozarella with mutz or matarell. I hate being italian and I hate guidos more. I also know family members of my friends who are in “jersey shore” many people on it are from staten island and brooklyn. and of course, much of it is staged.

  27. you guys are so silly, stop taking everything so seriously (and wishing death on other people, yikes), you might be happier :D

  28. I’m going to contradict myself here….
    I rolled my eyes when I saw this post too. I’m not a fan of reality television and I’ll leave it at that. I just kept scrolling. When I don’t like something, I just move on. I don’t have to look at it, why would I take the time to bitch about it?
    My $0.02 are barely worth that in real life, let alone on the interwebs. I’m totally being a hypocrite here, but no one cares how much you hate the show, or his tattoos. So, why bother?


  29. Ru – There are plenty of posts on ModBlog if ones about a tv show that has tattooed folk on it isn’t your thing, don’t read it.

    I don’t really understand the hate for the variety of posts here. Everyone bitched that the same thing was being posted all the time and now that there’s variety everyone bitches about variety. Oh right, people just want to bitch, I forgot. :)

    I like that we’ve got multiple authors with various interests. BME has always covered things like tv shows, movies and celebrities who get pierced and tattooed. Along with the rest of the stuff we cover.

    Also, I don’t watch this show. I watched it online to find out what was going on in one particular episode I heard about. It was painful. I hated it. I will never watch another episode. I’ll stick with Criminal Minds. :)

  30. Hahaha, this show cracks my shit up. Pauly D is my fave too, he seems to be the only one with the self-awareness to have a sense of humor about being a guido.

    Did anyone see those pics of him giving Michael Cera a guido makeover? O my goodness, THE HAIR!!!

  31. i don’t really watch tv but i caught this show when i had pneumonia and nothing else to do….so this is definitely my guilty pleasure, too! pauly and vinnie are both adorable, and that’s badass if pauly really did hang at one point.

    ru: i don’t understand the complaint about this being relevant. it IS relevant, whether you appreciate the tattoos, character, or tv show. your constant bitching just makes you look like…well, a bitch. you’d probably be a lot happier if, when you saw something online that you didn’t like, you shut the fuck up and looked at something else.

  32. sunshowers…those pics almost made it into this post but I didn’t think they were relevant because you couldn’t see any mods in the pics. Oddly enough I thought that would be a big deal, never mind all the racism and cry babies.

  33. Haha, I watched this for the first time last week and it’s so bad it’s (almost) good. The Michael Cera stuff was hilarious though! I wouldn’t say I like the show or Pauly D, but I do like this post. I didn’t know about the peen piercing or the possible suspension, that’s kind of cool. And it definitely shows variety, I think! :)

  34. Apparently he’s in talks to appear in Playboy, and is willing to go the full Monty, so the penis piercing mystery may yet be solved.

  35. Where the fuck is racism? Are you really that stupid Lily? They call themselves Guidos for Dog sake!

    I also agree with Ru. If you need me, I’ll be reading zentastic.

  36. Show me the a negative view. I can’t help it the author has no clue what racism is. Or how dumb the show is. At this point I long for Jordan or Rachel to start posting again. Something of substance would be nice, not some douches on a tv show with played out tattoos. I do like the center one.

  37. Way to contradict yourself. The author wrote that this show was terrible also(hence why its a guilty pleasure!). She used the term “guido” because if you watch the show, that is what this person Pauly D calls himself. As well as everyone else on the show. You need to read again what she wrote, and think before you reply.

  38. why get Travis barkers tattoo??????(Cadillac). come on now be a little original. if i was Travis i would get that lased off.

    i have not seen the show,but was still entertained by the post.

  39. hey # 31, you are so right .. but it still really gross… i have personal issues with the idea of breeding. i guess the only thing that gets threw to some teens is the TV…how disappointing , , ,

  40. WOW lots of people had their cornflakes pissed on

    the amazing thing with both telly, and the internet, is that if you dont like something, you can turn them both off and go out side, i know amazing right?

  41. hmmm… my most embarrassing little secret? i actually listen to taylor swift. and i think she’s awesome.
    but i don’t tell anyone, in case they judge D:

  42. My sisters told me about Jersey Shore and told me I absolutely had to watch it. The trailer almost made me barf, so I declined, but totally hilarious from an anthropological perspective.

    Guilty pleasure: I love Glee. Two friends and I started the official University of Toronto Glee club. Because of that show, I know how to the Single Ladies dance in its entirety.

  43. I like the tattoos. I suspect Pauly’s hairstyle will be a source of much embarrassment when he views these pics in years to come. I thought the dancing and music were ghastly and hope they don’t find their way over to England.

  44. I was all excited because there were new posts… and then it was about Jersey Shore. And then I was excited that people were trashing Jersey Shore with as much vigor as I do… and then people started saying others should die.

    C’mon now guys, you’re killing me here.

  45. His hair freaks me out, always has. I love watching this show only because it makes me laugh my ass off!

  46. deadman13 – I suppose there could be debate over whether ‘guido’ is a racist term or not. However, i think we’re all pretty clear that calling a Jewish person a kike is just plain OFFENSIVE and is considered racist. So I’m with Lily, keep that sort of shit to your self, thank you very much.

    Twilight is my guilty pleasure. I know its meant for preteen girls who have no self-esteem, but I love it anyway.

    Also, if you want modblog to be more serious maybe we should try having actual discussions about the content posted instead of whining and bitching?

    I’ll Start!

    What do you think makes people cover themselves in flash vs. getting custom work done? Is custom work that much better? and is it always better? I’d like to know what people think about that…

    Also, my 2 cents: I really like the Cadillac tattoo myself, I’m not much for branding myself but the font and the placement look hot.

  47. Emily. As long as its quality work, custom should always be better. Especially when you get into big pieces. That guys cadillac is a great example. For the amount of time and money something that big costs, he could have got a really cool custom piece instead of the played out cadillac rib piece. Flash is good for getting ideas from, but I have a hard time comprehending that when coming up with something that’s going to be on your body the rest of your life, that a picture on a wall that thousands of people already have is the one for you. ya know.

  48. I think I’ll help emily out and try to steer this in a different direction from hating all over reality tv (even though it IS terrible).

    Sometimes I think people go into a tattoo shop with little to no idea that you CAN get custom work done. They see flash and view it as a menu of sorts…anything they want to “change” is something like color or font. They’re totally wrapped up in the idea that they want a tattoo but really have no idea what they want to be on their body forever. So they just go with something cutesy that they saw in the shop.

    Plus…custom work can get pretty pricey, depending on where you’re going.

    I don’t like flash tattoos unless they’re oldschool types heh.

  49. Not going to lie, I totally watched like two hours of this show the other day. Bitch gets punched the fuck out.


  50. He looks like a bit [lot] of a douchebag any way you look at it. What is a guido? I could just ask wikipedia this… So I will.

    My secret, dirty indulgence is probably checking out straight girls (and other guy’s girlfriends ahahaha) as a straight guy when I am “cross-dressed”, lol.

  51. Yo emily, I’ll play!

    “What do you think makes people cover themselves in flash vs. getting custom work done? Is custom work that much better? and is it always better?”

    I think there can be different reasons for choosing flash over custom. One theory is that some people want a tattoo just to have one. But let’s be honest – it’s totally hypocritical to make fun of people who got a tattoo just because they wanted a tattoo. We ALL got our tattoos because WE WANTED TATTOOS. Some people just put more thought into the subject matter. But does that necessarily mean a design that X mulled over for ten years is going to be better or more “meaningful” than the one Y dreamed up over a weekend? True, flash can be said to lack originality and creativity, but if the tattoo someone truly loves happens to be flash, who are we to judge? Chances are, if the design you’re after is very small and simple it can be found in a flash book somewhere.

    We’ve all seen some pretty heinous custom work. On the other hand, we can all appreciate a sharp, precise nautical star. It’s true that at the end of the day, no piece of flash could ever touch a spectacular custom piece… but that doesn’t mean all flash is bad.

  52. 15.deadman13 on January 11th, 2010 at 6:34 pm:

    Btw, I’m taking porchmonkey back. Oh yeah.

    OH DUDE! The best part about mentioning that is that our very own glider was IN clerks II with a firmilar cute girl putting her wrists through his lobes…

    We flamed it with our freedom of speech and ability to google simple facts when the professionals are at a loss for detail, and I suppose that the manner in which we added those missing details was unappreciated? The author said she didn’t know where or why or when this happened, who it was on or who inked it, and when we oh so helpfully handed out the information, I guess it made someone look stupid? And of course, there was the McMcMcM issue with the font, I know that I hate when people personally comment on my personal tattoos “Because of the length of your hair, all I see is [] [] CK and draw my own conclusions on what the first 2 letters are, I almost didn’t hire you because of it” thank you wal*mart

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  54. sad that all people in this community know what it is like to be objectified… what it is when ppl have an opinion about them without getting to know one… we all act like a loving and peacefull community, jet here is some-else his choice in tattoos and life, and people start falling over it, making ignorant commants and beeing hatefull… wether you like it or not that is taste…. but calling one stupid because of there choices of lifestyl isn’t something i expected from my normally so much loved community!

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  56. I just personally would hate to be owned by a corporation, I suppose we should be glad he buys american though, am I right? *rolls eyes*

  57. I just personally would hate to be owned by a corporation, I suppose we should be glad he buys american though, am I right? *rolls eyes*

  58. If she had just put up a picture of his dick piercing and left it at that you guys would be drooling over this shit.

    Just because he isn’t your typical “weird, offbeat modblogger” doesn’t make this post irrelevant.

    The show’s stupid, but entertaining. And it is news about the modification world and I was pleasantly surprised to see it up.

    Stop being elitist assholes.

  59. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe Pauly likes his flash and doesn’t give a crap if it makes you want to barf? Just like I hope you don’t give a shit if I don’t like your pink breast cancer ribbon or your cross or your my littly pony tattoo. All the bitching and moaning on this site is mind-boggling. It’s all “I want more posts of pretty girls, more penis, less suspension, more hardcore mods, more variety, nothing is ever good enough, wah wah, rachelroojordanlilly suck!” This is a blog. A body modification blog. Pauly has modifications, so he qualifies, stop being babies. And, yes, this blog has always featured television programming, movies and the like. So it’s cool that the lead character in Avatar has a flash tribal tattoo but Pauly deserves to die because he had gel in his hair and has a very nice body. Riiight.

    Also, if you don’t want to use the term racist, how about bigot? Saying that a group of people should be sterilized or don’t deserve to live is bigoted. Bigots suck regardless of whether their tattoos are custom or flash.

  60. i grew up in seaside heights, where this trash is filmed.. i swear, were not all like the douches on the show.. Jersey shore gives the jersey shore a bad name. :(

  61. *pats riki* I can honestly say I know nothing of new jersey but my friend in michigan says that mtv’s laguna beach IS dead on though

  62. I used to hate this show… actually I still somehow cannot stand it…but my boyfriend suckered me into it. We can’t stand guidos much but this show… as said before… is a trainwreck and I can’t peel my eyes away from it.

  63. Not like Travis Barker at ALL .. NOTHING the same .. i dont see any differences ! AT . ALL .

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