Better late than never news.

Time again for body modification related news from around the globe.

This one was submitted to me through the newsfeed.  In Dallas, the a 4 year old son of a tattoo artist is suspended from pre-k because his hair is too long and clearly pre-k kids can’t get in any serious learning if one boy has long hair.

In another feed submission is an article about a girl in Russia who died after friends injected her tongue with Lidocaine in an attempt to pierce it.  I wish there was a bit information in this story.

The Times of India has an article about how to decode your partner’s personality with tattoos.  Hmm.

In news out of Australia, painted ladies become poster girls for tattoo culture.

The Topeka Capital-Journal has a story about dealing with tattoo regret.

In celebrity news, David Beckham has a new religious tattooMegan Fox has her tattoos removed, digitally that is, in underwear ads for Emporio Armani.  Courtney Love is also sporting some new tattoos.

I leave you, dear reader, with something that I hope will make  you chuckle, like I did.  Shout out to Felipe who submitted the video to the newsfeed!

30 thoughts on “Better late than never news.

  1. I just realized I missed a couple of newsfeed submissions, my apologies to those who submitted them, I’ll save them for next week!

  2. If that commercial even made you think twice about getting your next tattoo, don’t get it. Personally I thought it was funny as hell!

  3. Oh! I didn’t even see the hair post.
    Damn those fascist pigs!
    You can even have natural hair these days?

  4. Such a shame I didn’t see that commercial a few years ago. Sad to think I missed out on being a bank teller or a day care provider. My hopes and dreams are dead.

  5. Holy crap! I live in Topeka, KS, and I have personally been tattooed at Fine Line by Jennifer, Electric Tattoo by Kevin and (the best of them all and my new favorite) by Judith White at Looking Glass.

    Although I must say, this is (at least) the second “tattoo regret” piece written in the Capital Journal in the last year or so. I wish our crappy little newspaper would put something entirely positive in their pages about the body mod community for once.

    Anyhoo, I got all excited at my town being mentioned on my favorite blog. And suprisingly,Topeka has more modded people than one might think.

    Whoo hoo!

  6. I thought it was funny and ironical. It’s not going to prevent me from doing what ever I want to do though. =P ehehe

  7. hey cool May Cheung (in the Australian article – Miss Ink Australia NSW winner) is my wife’s tattoo artist and my tattoo artist’s wife :)

  8. the story about the tattooer’s son with “longish” hair seems like it was taken straight from the ’50s. its fucking pathetic. i really thought we had advanced further than that as a society. i wonder what it could be, some sort of misguided, deep-seated homophobia, or perhaps just “punishment” for having a father who just so happens to be a tattoo artist? whatever their reasoning, i’m positive it’s ugly. classroom distraction…. the kids are in preschool, not doing rocket science…

  9. That advert made me want to get a demon tattoo. A melting Chocolate bunny? Can’t think of anything more delicious! I’d only have 60 years to wait! YUM!

  10. the idea that tattoos make u look like a criminal is just beautiful. tattooed guys telling u about how terrible it is to be them is wonderful. i dont know if im the only one with that feeling, but… it was a bit sexist :| i didnt see how any of these stuff apply to women :| do elderly women get scared of a woman with a tattoo above her ass? :|
    nevermind. mass media propaganda and moral tellings in the usa

  11. The story about the tattooist’s son’s hair really shocked me. I’d half expect it in some parts of England but I really believed the US was socially far too ahead to stigmatise a child over something so trivial.

    Love the commercial and the people in it. Watched it three times and began to feel a subliminal message trickling through. So now I want to get some more tattoos. Soon.

  12. I like the line about how you’ll never be a daycare worker. One of the workers at my son’s daycare has a lot of tattoos, and it’s not like they’re hidden. And this is the high-end, accredited daycare.

    The people who produce this bullshit need to try getting out there into the real world for a while.

  13. I’m with Ashley, my dreams of being a bank teller went up in smoke!! I wish someone would have told me thirteen years ago that this ink was permanent, I had no idea!!!

  14. About the kid with long hair: as a society America is totally past this type of discrimination. It’s just Texas that isn’t.

  15. That first article is fucking absurd. It’s so so much more than a concern about a “distracting” appearance; it’s homophobia and the enforcement of gender normality. Were any girls suspended due to long hair? oh, they weren’t? was it because gender norms tell us that’s okay? yes, it is.
    long hair on boys isn’t a new trend.

  16. As a circus performer, and as a friend to life-long carnies, I gotta say I am saddened by that commercial.

    And on a related note: little old ladies LOVE me.

  17. Being a part of that commercial was fun. haha Im amazed a lot of youtube folk dont understand the parody behind it.

  18. @ #7 Don’t worry! There is still hope for working in a daycare – I do!

    @ #19 It’s great to hear that someone’s heard of another modified daycare worker! I also work in an accredited daycare, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

  19. no.19, did you not realise that dude saying that about day care was representing the ignorance of comments he has had? you can have tattoos in any job. except at Tesco. which, lets face it who cares about Tesco?

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