Modified zombies like it a little rough

Go to any zombie crawl, zombie prom or other zombie event and count the people without body mods, they are few and far between. Amongst the undead, us modified folks are not the minority, we are in fact the majority.  The same statement holds true at BD/SM events. So it should be no surprise to see a cute couple of modified zombies playing a little rough together right?

Here’s  a perfect example from Joli and her date Noah from the Philly Zombie Prom.


For two more pics showing off the gentler, more sensitive parts of the night, keep on keeping on.



12 thoughts on “Modified zombies like it a little rough

  1. Zombie events are amazingly fun < 3 nice to see they kissed and made up..I mean..BRRRRAAAAINSSSS

  2. The way that bit of her hair and the blood are practically the same color in the last shot is very cool.

  3. that lobe piercing is seriously off center! just something that caught my eye.

    looks like they had fun though ;)

  4. BoO, my lobe piercing looks off center because its actually my second hole in that lobe. while most people stretch out their first holes, I have a 16g first and 00g second.

    Noah & I had so much fun at Zombie Prom. The picture where he’s holding me up my neck was our “official” picture taken at the prom. Noah is 6’3″ and holding me about 7 feet in the air by my throat. I’m not standing on anything. Everyone in the prom applauded after we had our picture taken.

    & my eye lashes are courtesy of Walmart ;)

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