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Some of you heard rumors that I was opening a tattoo/piercing shop and those rumors are true. I built the shop in April/May of 2009 with a tattooer as a partner but before it opened up, things with the partnership fell through. Regardless, I got a new partner/owner as well as a partner in life and it’s now his shop. I built it with blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears (you drop a tatsoul chair on your big toe and see how it feels!).

Now that Norm has the shop “looking like a tattoo shop” and not like a fancy hair salon, he’s put up a help wanted flyer on his myspace. I figured that I would help spread the word, as I’ve done in the past for other shops looking for new hires. The shop is beautiful and Fairfax has basically become the “new Melrose” as far as alternative areas of town. We’re next door to several art galleries, Supreme, Hall of Fame, RVCA, Diamond, The Hundreds, and several other great stores, including the world famous Canter’s Deli.


It’s a great shop, on a great street with a great owner. The look and feel of the shop is amazing. One could spend a day oogling the amazing flash collection, the art on the walls from hundreds of amazing artists and tattooers from around the world and the set up is amazing. I can toot my own horn a little bit on this as I designed and planned the shop.

If you have a portfolio or would like to send this out to a friend that might be interested, feel free to pass along the flyer. Send your portfolios or a link to them to Norm via his email address if you’re interested. There are currently only 3 booths available and Norm will be splitting his time between Will Rise Studios and Spotlight Tattoo. We’ve got an amazing list of guest artists who will be coming and going as well as if you’re lucky you can catch Bob Roberts hanging out. BMEshop is still located in the back warehouse area of the shop and will be staying there.

I hope that everyone has been happy with the volunteers who are donating their time to keep modblog updated while I’m busy working on the new site and keeping the old version updated as well. Thanks to Sean, Jen, BlueStar, Lilly and Lexci for their hard work. I’m glad you guys don’t miss me too much!

28 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. this is just my opinion: i don’t like the look of the shop. itd expect something else from a store opened by the editor in chief of bmezine.
    the positive: congratulations im opening up the shop, im sure its going to be a huge success

  2. I agree with emi, cool shop, but the owner of BME should have a custom shop I.E. no flash. Shops with flash walls are just so cliche, and they scream “selling tattoos” instead of “selling art”. Bummer.

  3. To be honest Sleepy, i think that complaining about the flash on the walls is being a bit too anal.

    Many many many custom shops hang flash on the walls not for customers to choose from, but to display cool art they’ve collected through the years, the same way they hang paintings and so by artists that dont work at that studio but that they are friends with

    it’s always nice to have eye candy on the walls and flash is a staple of tattoo culture. Many artists draw flash not to have them traced and used by other lesser artists but as a way to keep a tradition alive and showcase their skills.

    I say, keep the flash on the walls. Looks awesome

  4. I understand what Sleepy is saying though, xharekx33. Although flash might be a staple of tattoo culture, seeing a HUGE wall of it in any shop makes me think that that’s what the shop is really pushing (even if that’s not the case, and they are primarily a custom work shop). I understand and appreciate the value of a few sheets of really special flash. The split-second, first impression, gut reaction to a shop filled with flash versus one with less flash and more paintings/sculptures/whatever can be quite different though.

  5. If you’re posting this flier around, you might want to fix the “stuido” typo in the second line. But the shop looks awesome. Congrats and good luck!

  6. It’s a pretty amazing looking space. And however you feel about flash, the way it’s displayed here is pretty fucking cool. A lot of the shops I’ve seen with flash collections just have one of those massive poster display things like you find in chain record shops.

    Keep in mind that flash can also be a good jumping-off point for a custom design.

  7. As a proud member of the Will Rise staff, I wanted tho throw my 2cents in the bucket.

    We DO have flash, but.. if you come in and look at the flash, you will see that it is FAR from typical tattoo shop fare. It’s all by top notch artists, and it’s all there to inspire, not to copy..
    Our studio IS a custom shop, and Norm is one of the best tattoo artists I have ever worked with, and you really can’t judge the shop or it’s artists on the fact we have flash.

  8. sorry h3llc4t but i disagree. Nicely framed flash by great artists on the wall isnt the same as cheap bulk flash sheets sorted by theme (as in “animals” “flowers” “tribals”…)

    The first is decoration and a tribute to the craft. The second means shitty shop where drunk losers choose stupid tattoos they regret the next morning

    It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. In my opinion, the amount of flash on Norm’s shop only reflects the amount of years and dedication he’s put into tattooing and how many connections he’s made because of it.

  9. We’re not hiring a piercer because we’ve already got one.

    As far as the flash on the walls, it’s all original flash by the best tattooers out there and it’s decorative. It’s a custom shop but that doesn’t mean it can’t have FRAMED flash mounted on the walls. It’s an homage to the tattooers that built our industry. That’s why the flash is there.

    The shop is also huge and it makes it look like a “tattoo shop”. xharekx33 is dead on the money when he says it’s a tribute to the craft because that’s what it is.

    There is no bulk tribal flash on our walls. Like I said, it’s all flash by the great tattooers of our time. Some of the flash goes back to the 50′s and it’s made up of gifts from amazing tattooers around the world. Why wouldn’t we want to pay our respects to those people?

    I would understand the comments if it was the kind of flash that you’d see on a boardwalk shop but you won’t find any “cherry creek” tribal in the shop.

  10. Just to make it clear, this is Norm’s shop. It’s his show and other than the fact that I built it, it’s pretty much his thing.

  11. I don’t know why people are being picky about the flash when i’m getting something done I enjoy looking at pictures and flash on the walls, but at my tattooists theres only a couple of pieces in the actual room so my eyes get bored, I’d love to get tattooed at this place with all the eye candy going on.
    oh and I think the shop looks fab, really really proffesional and clean

  12. My tattooist only does custom and last summer myself, Shane (tattooist) and Rachel were standing in his hallway looking at his flash and talking about it (they were talking, I was listening). I like looking at it. It’s a lot better than bare walls! Tell Norm I think the shop looks great. I suppose I could just tell him myself but I’m lazy. :)

  13. I like the way it looks, and the flash on the walls makes it look like more of a tattoo shop, and gives people something to look at while waiting (if they’ve already checked out portfolios). Framing it gives it a classier look, and the studio has good lighting and looks quite nice.
    Good luck with your shop!

  14. We originally just had art on the walls and it didn’t look right. I love the fact that people made more comments about 100 pieces of framed flash than the 300+ AMAZING pieces of art all over the shop from amazing artists.

    Either way, thanks to everyone who are sending in their portfolios. We’re getting amazing responses!

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