33 thoughts on “She’s a pinball wizard.

  1. I hope she gets the rest of the pinball machine done. That might be one of the most sexually interesting tattoos I’ve ever seen.

  2. i think she got them done on the wrong side… they totally shoulda been on her front side… cuz how is a pinball supposed to get to the bumpers now? haha

  3. Not a single Return of the Jedi reference yet? Star Wars geeks of ModBlog…..you disappoint me. I would be amiss not to add that she’s gorgeous.

  4. dude, wow. i am so happy with this being a pin ball nerd.

    jokes include i wanna get the high score


    id make her tilt!

  5. Nae, you’re comment is the best.

    Can we make a “Team Anything-Other-Than-Papyrus/Comic Sans”?

  6. haha, I had the same thought about the Papyrus font, seriously, that font needs to die…and I was also thinking Star Wars/Princess Leia. i think it’s a cute idea for a tattoo, especially if she does get an entire pinball machine, that’d be pretty awesome.

  7. she looks like an Alphons Mucha’s painting! hahahaha. (I don’t think anyone will agree with me)

  8. does she have the flipper buttons on her sides too?

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t notice the bmemark … until it’s bitched about.

  9. Wow, the idea is really great!

    quinnnchick – I think she does, at least it looks like it.
    And you’re not the only one, who doesn’t notice font :P

  10. I like my song better.

    “She’s an idiot hipster, with no real imagination.”
    “She’ll be getting this removed at a later date.”

  11. To quinnnchick and han: I came in here to ask the same thing, but as to whether on her left hip/waist it was a silver ball or a flipper button. I’m leaning towards flipper button myself because the placement of it makes more sense.

  12. I think I’m too young for pinball or I led a ridiculously sheltered life because I thought they were angry eyes for her butt hole…


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