Better late than never news…

Another edition of better late than never news from around the globe…

This article was submitted by Jessie, is this the future of tattoos?

Gavin let me know about an Australian man that got a Eurail tattoo to realize his 80-year-old parents’ dream.  Also out of Australia, body piercings gone wrong are landing “scores” of Victorians in the hospital.

Brendan sent me this strange little blurb about a man with a fake Moko, in New Zealand.

Our good friend The Lizardman continues to get press about his biography.  Copies of the book, “Once More Through the Modified Looking Glass”, can be purchased through his website.

The Toronto Sun has a pictorial up titled “The World’s Most Intricate Tattoos“.  It’s always interesting to see what mainstream media chooses when they write this type of article.

In California, an assemblywoman is lobbying to regulate the tattoo industry.  This is always an interesting debate and certainly good arguments have been made for both pro and con.  In this particular case, assemblywoman Ma seems to have done her homework as the APP is currently backing her, according to the article that can be read here.

The United States Marine Corps has updated its policy on tattoos, you can read more about that here.  In tenuously related news, Forensic Magazine has an article up about an innovative tattoo matching technology that will help law enforcement identify suspects, criminals and victims through their tattoos.

Finally, Luis sent me a link to this video of a British television show called Distraction.  The video is 9 minutes, 47 seconds.  Contestants are asked questions while a “distraction” is happening and in this case, the contestants are getting pierced.  Thanks Luis!

That’s it for this week.  Enjoy your weekend!

33 thoughts on “Better late than never news…

  1. Well i like to just comment on the Australian article.

    Its so true, so many infections are caused by people not checking the studio first, or the right jewelery/equipment used. Or if there too young going home and using a safety pin. In our studio we recieve at lease 2 people a week from another piercing studio that have either pierced it wrong or the client just not looking after it because they weren’t informed.

    It annoys me that places like the common ” mall” studio where they charge only $25 incl. jewelery can get away with that. Generally those piercers only have 4-14 days training and then are expected to be able to do all the peircings offered; some of which are high or at least higher level of piercing ability then these individual posess. I believe a crackdown should happen and regulations should occur. To stop trusted artist been accused of these problems.

  2. “Also out of Australia, body piercings gone wrong are landing “scores” of Victorians in the hospital.”

    *laughs and laughs and laughs*

  3. #2 – I personally loved the very reputable studio that they got comments from for that article. :)

  4. Springing body piercing on someone like that seems really fucked up. It seems to me that’s over the line, even for a show like that.

  5. Dangerbitch – Honestly… I agree. I did get a chuckle out of the episode but I couldn’t help but feel that was a little too invasive. But then, I also really hate shows like that so it’s possible my bias colours my opinion.

  6. I think they signed a contract outlining everything that could or would happen to them – I don’t think you can do something like what they did in that show without prior consent otherwise there would likely have been a lot of lawsuits.

    Still, I remember that episode of Distraction, and laughing at how that woman passed up a perfectly good car because she was afraid of getting some piercings – that ultimately she could have taken out once healed.

    Trust me, they suffered far worse than “involentary” piercing on that show.

  7. I remember that Maori guy in Auckland (I live here). He definitely had a fake moko and he didn’t know how to do the haka properly, but he is Maori… There are many many Maori here with real full-face mokos (generally you don’t give someone with a full moko a second look, at least I don’t, which is quite cool in a way, one of my teachers had a full moko) but they don’t go around in costume doing a shabby haka. :P

  8. id guess thay signed a form, and checked with the piercer for what and if they had medical conditions.

    anyway, being pierced while being asked questions is nothing, anyone remember that show that Mark Lamarr hosted in the 90′s? granny kissing, baths of cow poo and piss and so, just to be on t.v.

  9. loving the piercing video, one of my mates told me about that but i never actually saw it.
    im thinking the girl purposefully didnt press her buzzer…she did not want those piercings at all.

  10. That show aired in the US for a few seasons too, on Comedy Central. There was another episode where the 2 contestants were getting tattoos while being asked the questions. The winner got their tattoo finished, the loser left with half a tattoo.

  11. the british tv show host is a douche. i dont find the jokes funny, do i have to be a brit to appreciate them?

  12. Losing a car because you’re afraid of being pierced is a bit silly. I guess she wasn’t too keen about the car after all.

  13. If you watch the needle going into his nipple, it appears to be just the plastic sheeth of the canula with no actual needle inside it.

    I think it was a setup, but thats just my opinion.

  14. emi, i dont like jimmy carr, and im british, alot of brits dont like him

    alan, its hard to see on a crappy youtube video, but it is real, not everything on the telly is fake these days

    fiona ive never understood the whole point if taking a breath before being pierced, ive always just relaxed and breathed normally. makes no difference

  15. Yeh but what i mean is that she didnt prepare him, maybe the editing makes it look faster than it was, and jimmy carr sucks.

  16. seeing how long it takes to prep anyone for a piering, id say it was edited a bit

    jimmy carr steals others jokes, the irony of it is, he got in the right shitter with one, wasnt evan his joke :D

  17. Arrrrgh, the ‘scores’ of victorians are going to shoddy studios such as Off ya Tree [featured in the article] , for their shitty ‘ten mins per customer’ $50 piercing. There are about 5 studios in melbourne that actually use propper piercing needles, internally threaded jewellery and methods/aftercare.

    But guess what, you are going to pay more then $30 for that service – and ‘its only a piercing’ seems to be the mentality .

    ALSO a big chain of ‘body piercers’ has a policy that their staff are only allowed to reccomend a specific after care product [full of chemicals]. If there staff give any other aftercare advice [salt washes] they will be repromanded.

  18. Even I’d be pissed if I didn’t at least get to choose what was getting pierced. I think that just takes it a bit too far.

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