25 thoughts on “Modblog has been pretty PG-13 today so….

  1. I thought we were seeing Mr. Lifto’s botched circumcision pocket that allowed him to hide all sorts of things and win both bets and the nickname “Spermin’ Hermin.”

    I personally want to know if was cut or uncut to start with since, obviously, it’s a much more impressive achievement if he was circumcised.

  2. It seems that almost every extreme penis things and older men, when are the youngsters gonna start doing Werid shit to there dick ha

  3. If bi-PDD is reading these comments or if anyone knows how he made that devise I would really like to know. I have been trying to stretch my foreskin for some time, but I am only using my fingers. Plus, it is hard to hold your hands there for as long as it takes. If anyone knows how to make this or any other stretching devise that would allow me to slowly add size to the stretching devise like those screws seem to be doing please comment on this post with materials and how i can do it. That would be amazing

  4. as an uncut male, i would personally take precautions *not* to get too loose down there… idk what the benefit of a swishy jellyfish foreskin would be.

  5. while i have to say that this is quite impressive…. i also have to say that modblog, and its guess what’s, are becoming less and less…. come on now, it used to be SOMEWHAT challenging and fun…..

  6. i won’t be the first to say that as soon as i saw the main picture i just knew it was foreskin. probably because i could do this easily.


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