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  1. is that a photo immediately after the procedure? i am confused as to how his ear looks perfectly untouched. in any case, nice work getting it removed.

  2. There was no information with these photo submission. Looking at the pictures and noticing he was in the same outfit it is safe to assume these were all from one day. The lack of bleeding could be from the use of epinephrine and sutures, although it seems if they used sutures they would show them in the photo, this leads me to believe #6 hit the nail on the head with the cautery device theory.

  3. It appears as though he’s wearing the same plug in the ‘after’ photo as in the ‘before’ photo, and it looks a lot like acrylic. D:

  4. If I were that kid, I wouldn’t be all “omg, yay look at my awesome blow out chunk! Take a picture!”
    I’d be ashamed of not stretching my piercings correctly and needing them repaired.
    But that’s just me…

  5. @10: Do you honestly think someone with a blow out that horrible is really going to know what and what not to wear while healing a piercing? Hahah.

  6. oh please update modblog, every time i come to check i am faced with this horrific sight! anything, please!

  7. Okay I dont think he got the procedure done in the same day, I think he’s being gross and putting a dead flap of skin on his ear so it looks like a blowout haha.

  8. hopefully we find out this seemingly simple procedure for getting rid of blowouts. i have a small one that is hardly noticeable, but i would like it out if the procedure is as simple as this makes it seem.

  9. :c
    That blowout is just as thick as his lobe! Eeeeek
    In cases like this one should just have their entire lobe removed… er… taken away from them. For their own good.
    Looks like a good now though

  10. I haven’t had the misfortune of seeing a ick!!!! *vomit* nasty blowout, but the after picture looks awesome, You cant even tell that anything was done to it in my opinion. I hope if i ever have the misfortune of having a blowout that my cleanup looks this nice. :)

  11. i would have like to see a picture from the back of the ear, the procedure pictures. that guy probably doesn’t care about his hygiene for the lack of clean skin, he has ruptured pimple markings which i can assume also brings on the lack of care to his own ear lobes. his result of having that large of a keloid is probably because he never cleaned them properly and insisted on a quick result of having large earlobes at a fast rate, also never letting them heal during each size. listen your piercer and get advice so you don’t have this problem.

  12. Haste makes waste. But don’t we all hear it’s call once in a while? Nice save anyhow. Hopefully he won’t repeat the cycle and need more trimmed off.

  13. some of you guys are being so nasty about this kid stretching his ear too fast. i personally did it nice and slow, but come on… everybody learns from their mistakes remember. i’m sure he wouldn’t do it again.

  14. it was done with a cauterizing iron, hence the lack of blood, quentin (whos work this is) almost always removes blow outs that way, and having seen a couple healed done his way, looks fantasitc after.

  15. and as for the bashing of this person with the blow out?

    at least he did something about it.

  16. I am pretty useless with computers and forgot to put my name on the pictures when i sent them in .The blow out removal was done with my hyfacator machine,and i have done alot of blowout removals with it and is incredibly successful The second photo is immediately after the blow out has been removed,as the machine cuts and seals ,there isn’t any blood.

  17. Trip: Given the blowout, you may be right. But I don’t think the acne necessarily indicates poor hygiene in general. Some people just plain have intractable acne. Why do you think those silly ads for Proactiv are on all the time?

  18. Blow out is not to do with bad hygiene,it is due to a couple of things,stretching too quickly and skin type,but hay unqualified people love giving opinions on things they have no experience or knowledge of.

  19. I don’t think that it’s the fact that the kid not only made the mistake of obviously not caring for his lobes during stretching by going too fast or whatever the case may be, but what bothers me about blowouts is that they are an easy fix if taken care of when first spotted and no one ever does.
    People want to ‘look cool’ so much that they leave the blowout alone, stretch further, and in turn pay someone a ridiculous amount of money to cut off their gross flap, when if they weren’t such a douche and had downsized immediately in the first place, putting their own needs above looking cool for the masses with their sw33t large gaugez brah, the blowout probably would have disappeared on its own and they would have saved some money, which they could in turn use to buy appropriate jewelry.

  20. Ouch. I’m so so careful stretching my ears. So much so that it’s taken me 6months just to get to 10mm. I just wish people would do their research before they decide to stretch.

  21. Six months to get to 10mm isn’t particularly slow or careful, hahaha. Just a word to the wise! As a point of comparison, I spent eight years stretching to 26mm. :P

  22. You’re all being a bit harsh, I’ve been stretching my ears for 6 years and i’m currently at 14mm so i’ve been taking it fairly slow you’d say? A couple of months ago I got horrendously drunk and lost my plug, bought another one and pushed it in a little too hard and as a result…blowout. I was absolutely shitting myself. I’ve always been incredibly careful and i just made a tiny mistake. Thankfully it disappeared over a period of 2 weeks.

    Anyway, my point is. Shit happens.

  23. You’re all being a bit harsh, I’ve been stretching my ears for 6 years and i’m currently at 14mm so i’ve been taking it fairly slow you’d say? A couple of months ago I got horrendously drunk and lost my plug, bought another one and pushed it in a little too hard and as a result…blowout. I was absolutely shitting myself. I’ve always been incredibly careful and i just made a tiny mistake. Thankfully it disappeared over a period of 2 weeks.

    Anyway, my point is. Shit happens.

  24. holly, shit like that does happen, sucks when it does

    ive found the people who are anal, and enjoy being anal to others because they feel better because thay never had any problems with stretching (none that they know of) are also the kind of people who get arsey at people who have their lobes cut to a bigger size lol

  25. Hi all first all wow im actually got a feature on ModBlog :O !!! agreeably not for anything good i might add :(

    i better explain myself for the hideous blowout i had yes i know i stretched it way to fast it accumulated when i went from 20 to 22 mm and foolishly i didnt down size and when i read up on what had happened it was too late to do anything about it. When stretching my ear i never thought to read up on it which i know now was a stupid stupid mistake!

    luckily kalima studios were able to get rid of it in a pritty pain free way, but then again i sort of enjoy the feeling of pain in some ways which im sure alot of you people can relate too. the reason i have an acrylic plug in was i was told to wear one for the procedure so they could cut the blowout more easily and i do know the risks of wearing acrylic thank you very much.

    the healing process was long and painful some times but i can happily say now its all healed and looks healthy once again cant thank kalima studios enough for not only their fantastic job but also their warm hospitality and information they gave me.

    and seriously for the people that felt need to bring up my skin and say that im dirty because of it….was that necessary! if you must know the skin problem is down to long term steroid use as a result of a disease i have not down to lack of hygiene! if you must know i am extremely clean almost anally clean.

    I know that the blowout is stupid mistake that could of easily been avoided but like what has been said we learn from are mistakes and if anything i should be a warning poster for stretching too fast.

    aaaaaaa and relax think ive said all i have to say feel free to ask anything about healing and the procedure i be happy to answer :)

  26. i agree with #12!

    my first thought when i saw the pictures was “omg he’s wearing acryllic and he hasn’t stretched safely and properly… why does he look happy????”

  27. see the guys told why, IMHO id rather see someone do something to fix the problem, and be more than open and honest about it (unlike the number of people i see on IAM who will argue till the end of time that their lobes are “healthy” when there far from it and after seening some nice videos on youtube of people cutting off blow outs with all sorts, by going to a mod artist and having it removed is the better way, no?, people make mistakes, we are human after all.

    blackroses, just an off chance, but maybe he looks happy because he’s rid of the blow out?

  28. I saw a girl with ears like that not long ago and wondered what the hell she had done to them to make them look so gross… now I knowww! My first real-life blow out. Ugh!!!

  29. does removing the blowout instead of healing it effect future stretching? im thinking in terms of two things – the scar from the removal and the missing skin/cells?

  30. @51: I’m fairly positive, and correct me if I’m wrong because I’m no professional, that “missing skin/cells” isn’t a problem because skin cells regenerate and die constantly which is why you get “ear cheese” on plugs and such. So I don’t think that would be a problem at all, I would think the scarring is the only problem you’d run into. Probably a good idea to start taping in that case. Which you should do anyway. >_>

  31. For those wondering where this was done, it was done at Kalima, Worthing, UK (unless I am very mistaken and there is another studio exactly the same), blowout removal by the ever-brilliant Quentin.

  32. and I lOVE how everyone has to give advise, bitch and moan about how it got to this state, blah blah blah.

    The point is. It did. Tough.

    He made the right decision to fix it. And went to the right person :)

  33. thank tim and every one else that decided not to have a dig :) yeah was done in kalima in worthing …. amazing place!!

    mhealz because i got it removed and was quite a large amount i had removed there is a slight weak spot in my lobe so stretching it could cause it to snap

  34. @Anyone who mentioned something about his Acne in a negative light:

    Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck. You.

    If you don’t know what it’s like to live with the bullshit of constant acne you should never speak a fucking word on the subject, especially when you’re comparing acne to being ‘dirty’ – a two second google search would show you that hygene has absolutely nothing to fucking do with it.

    UGH. Fucking hate people like that.

  35. “will do as he is told”

    told? lol since when where their “rules” guidlines? yes. does everyone have to follow them? no.

  36. do you no what finding good information on stretching ears up actually isnt that easy to find!! it took me joining up to these kinds of sites to find them and actualy the best ones were given to me by poeple who have stretched up 2″ and beyond.

    kalimas work is awsome i go there for all my mods

  37. My ears (both of them) look just like that… how do you get them fixed and how much does it typically cost to get them fixed?

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