From The Vault: The T-bar Piercing

The T-bar piercing was introduced to most of the piercing world by Tom Brazda,  a man who has always been on of the smartest and most innovative body piercers in the world. Since then several other piercers have experimented with and have had success with these as well. So how crazy is it that the most recent picture in the T-bar piercing gallery is from 2005? Sure for some piercings, you can get similar results with microdermals, like this one I posted not too long ago. However, it’s not the same, nor are the jewelry options.

The two most common body parts to get T-bar piercings have always been the nipple and the tongue. Yet, that type of jewelry and piercing could be used for so much more as well. Obviously, the T-bar tongue, could prove extremely detrimental to a persons teeth, but the nipple T-bar is still a cool, technical and different piercing that is just as viable today. There is also ear lobes, genitals and other body parts that could have a whole range of different variations on standard piercings using this type of jewelry.

So piercers of the world, get creative, I would love to see some new T-bar pictures added to this old gallery in 2010.


For a few more shots of T-bar piercings, keep on keeping on.

The T-bar tongue with  monofilament hoop as healing jewelry.


The tools used for the T-bar piercing. Keep in mind these pics are probably close to , if not over 10 years old.


Are these key rings implant grade metal?  Doubtful.

However it does show a different way to wear “jewelry” in a T-bar piercing.


Out of the pictures I posted this T-bar nipple seems to hold up the best by 2010 standards.


For a great interview with Tom shortly from back in the day that has a brief explanation of the tongue T-bar in this feature, go here.

19 thoughts on “From The Vault: The T-bar Piercing

  1. Usually the tip of the nose (sometimes called a “rhino” piercing) is done with a curved barbell and it is only one piercing, with nothing intersecting it. It could also be done as a septril a piercing that intersects with a stretched septum, similarly to how a transverse lobe can go though an eyelet in a stretched lobe. Theoretically, it could be done as a T-bar, but generally it is a barbell going into an eyelet with a hole drilled into it.

  2. No denying that Steven, that’s why I linked to his BME Wiki entry, but this post is about the T-bar. I am sure I will end up doing a post on Tom as a piercing pioneer at some point as well, but that’s not what this post was about.

  3. is there such thing as a curved t-bar? i could see such a thing being used to do a vertical/horizontal hood piercing..

  4. Haha, just yesterday I was thinking about these! I was imagining my halfadrava with the 2nd bar coming out the front, almost exactly like that first tongue picture. This post is making me actually consider it now!

  5. ohhhh i just realized that wow getting those key rings through the nipple must have been a task not too lightly taken

  6. ive only slept for 4 hours today and bme modblog is keeping me occupied but not on purpose i just cant sleep.

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