Giving back.

Here is your chance to help someone else do some good. We received the following note from IAM member, Taryn:

I’ve entered myself into a contest to win a volunteering trip to Africa. I really, really love Africa and was able to travel there in February of 2009 where I spent four weeks in Tanzania as a volunteer teacher. I loved every moment of it and I’m dying to go back, but I simply can’t afford it. I was pretty excited when a friend told me about this contest so I entered right away. I entered around January 28th and voting had already started on January 3rd, but with some dedicated and extremely helpful friends I made it into the top 10 within two days! I have to stay in the Top 10 until February 7th at midnight in order to make it to the semifinals – at which point votes are re-set, and everyone must vote again like mad to get me into the Top 3. Then, a panel of judges decide who wins the trip. Voting is limited to one vote per email address; enter your address and then click the confirmation link in the email they send you. To vote for me, one may visit: votetaryn. I’ve also created a Facebook page that people may join to help spread the word, I post updates there as well and will send a reminder when (if) I make it into the Top 10 and votes have been reset for the semi-finals!

Let’s help Taryn win this so that she can help others. After all, it’s nice to be nice.

40 thoughts on “Giving back.

  1. I voted for her on my 3 email addresses. Good luck taryn its a lovely thing that you are doing!

  2. Hell YEAH I’ll vote to help someone with those amazing colorful tattoos. Besides it’s good public relations as well having a modified person doing good volunteer work in the world.

    Never been so glad to have 4 email addresses

  3. Thank you SO much to everyone for your votes!! Multiple email addreses are totally key. I’m glad I have 5, ha!

    Arielle – my “sleeve” in this photo is shameful; that photo was taken in Africa last February and my sleeve has since been completed and looks several thousand percent better. :)

  4. I voted for her as well. We’ll post again asking for more votes if she gets into the top 10 finals. Good Luck!!

    BME defnitely has the readership so if people will take 2 minutes out of their day to vote for her, we can get her to Africa to volunteer her time to teach children!

  5. Woooh, three more votes from me. Good luck Taryn! And let’s see some photo’s of your completed sleeves if BME does another post. :D

  6. Voted with 4 of my email addreses , i hope that someday i can make a trip like that.
    good luck but i think you will make it if everyone takes 2 min to vote

  7. yey! I voted for you, hope you get to go again. I would love to do something like this. Its great to get some good publicity for modified people for once also. best of luck and nice tattoos!

  8. You’re a teacher? So how does it work with your tattoo’s? Do you have to cover them up all the time?

  9. I just sent 102 invites to my peeps on face book to vote for you and I put the link on my face. You will get there!!

  10. Voted! I’m raising money to go to Uganda in July to help with a primary school renovation project. It’s so so exciting!

  11. This chick wants to win a trip to africa, so she asks for help, which is all good, but then a whole bunch of people here start gaming the system, cheating on the vote, and bragging about it in a public forum. You think they’re not going to double-check their log files for this shit? You think that giving them proof by posting about it publicly is a good idea? Good going people, you have probably just ensured that she will not be taking any trips to the dark continent.

  12. Ken – Cheating the vote? How? The rules specifically state that voting is unlimited, simply limited only to one vote per email address, not one vote per person. So no worries there!

    Thank you again SO much to everyone for your help! If I stay in the top 10 by February 7/8th, votes are re-set so please vote again in the next round to get me into the top 3. :)

  13. Ken – Perhaps you’re confusing modbodmum’s post with cheating? She sent out invites to people on FB to vote, she didn’t hit the vote system 100 times. She’s just asking others to help with voting.

    I don’t see a single post on here about cheating the system.

  14. Thank you Jen. Yes it an invite to my peeps to say look at this look what I found! Can you help? I don’t have 100 email addy. Alot of people on my FB don’t know about this site or that. ITs call spreading the word. My FB is candace-ivy clayton. and yes I do have mods

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