Those crazy Brits!

I have no idea what this show is about, but it comes from the same country that finds Mr. Bean funny, so how can I expect to understand?

Anyhow blackroses sent me a message on IAM that said:

We have a show in england called snog marry avoid, tonight is the start of series 3 and i was surprised and delighted to find a fork tongued teacher!

She was kind enough to include a link to it on YouTube so I could share it with you guys.

UPDATE: My favorite nomad, Howie, shot me a message saying he was the artist who did the implants and tongue split and that the girl is kissitgoodbye.

75 thoughts on “Those crazy Brits!

  1. aaah basically people with “bad fashion sense” get made over and the public are asked before the make over if they will snog marry or avoid them, and then they’re asked again after the make over.

  2. that must be the British version of “kill, fuck, marry.” between three people who do you kill, eff, and marry – one option per one person.

  3. Off topic, but could someone on staff please change the cover image on I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s tired of looking at Mr. Browsnbeard, inscrutable though he may be.

    Apologies if that’s out of line, it just used to change every few days, and it’s been that dude for a while now. Thanks for reading.

  4. Haha. Oh god that show has brought me dead hours on occasion.
    I don’t think they will do anything to her, #8, as pod so hilariously punned “pod off”.
    Apparently she was just too much for the camera that likes to turn everyone into “natural” beauties

  5. I can’t place the girl’s accent…
    I could be WAY off, but is that an American accent with a hint of…British?

  6. I’m with Nadi, How about a clean shaven Roo for a change? I kind of think he looks a little creepy with the hair lol.

  7. I don’t get it, why would someone modified participate in a show like this? is it for the show to gain publicity?
    or is she really feeling ‘fake’ and want a makeover? ;oo

  8. I never give a strait answer about mods to people acting like that… they don’t deserve it and there is no reason to spread that stuff around. With the questionable legal ground on surgical stuff in the united states all i tell people is:

    “I got my tongue split cause a girl clenched up on my tongue ring when i was going down on her, i pulled out and it ripped and thats what happened.”

  9. Love it – “wet pants” LOL
    There’s one also called. Wed, Bed or Dead – its not a TV show, more for the pub, work etc

    You see a Woman/Man and ask, would you Wed them , Bed them, or would not be seen dead with them.

    Just for laughs with friends…….Have a good weekend everyone.

  10. Dunebug – Surely not! Mr. Bean was huge over here, I still have (and love) the entire series and both films..

  11. ive seen this a few times, its not meant to be comedy btw, it mainly has these over the top girls on who are basically orange and go out wearing nothing, thinking they look good, when really they make themselves look about 20 years older than they are etc. sometimes it has people on who are quite heavily modified and basically says, maybe you would look better if you toned it down. Its difficult because you dont want to take some peoples indiviuality away, but in somecases the people do look a lot better after, I think it more like, two extremes of what that person could look like, and its up to them afterwards to maybe find a middle ground. There was one with this lad from Glasgow, he was actually orange, wore pink leggins, mr t style jewlery, omg, you honestly havent seen anything like him, and when he was done under, he was so attractive, it was amazing.

    I think this show dosent work as well for modified people as it does for the barbie girl type we have in england, because I dont think the people who make it are really aware of the reasons people get tattoos etc, but the reason someone is orange is because they dont realise they are actually beautiful without that etc.

  12. Lol, I´ve seen that one NIC. I used to watch the show sometimes (but now I don´t have BBC anymore, too bad) but it doens’t really work for modded people like you say. But I loved watching the orange fake-tan people get a make-under. It’s amazing what layers of caked on make-up they would get off their face..

  13. shes hot, i would, then again :D

    people pretty much sit on their arse, watch this and pass judgment, british tele is pretty shit, well, new programs are pretty shit, its nice in a way that “normal” people can see modified people, and have someone else ask questions (like with the subdermal) sure lots of people are ganna think “eww thats nasty” but i bet a fair few people will see it and thinks its lovely, and maybe go get one done, who knows, who cares.

  14. Can’t say I know more than 1 or 2 people who find Mr.Bean funny. UK TV is dire though, that show looks particularly nauseating.

  15. I’d never have the balls to get my own tongue split but they’re definately one of my all time favourite mods.. *sigh* so hot..

  16. Having watched it again, I think the main thing with this is, that too me, seeing people with loads of tattoos, split toungue, implants is normal, I come on here everyday, and im used to it, well used to much worse! lol, most people are freaked out at the fact I have tattoos, have my tougue pierced, have a stretched ear, I have to go around at family partys like a freakshow showing everyone my new mod! so most people not only dont understand but have never seen it before, god imagine if they saw some of the other stuff on here! But it might actually serve modded people well, more exposure and im sure anyone could say she looks a lot nicer than that scottish barbie guy, so people watching might actually think, she looks pretty good, leave her alone!!!

  17. I’m sure Debbie (?) used to be on IAM. i didnt read alot of the comments so this might already be written. She used to pierce in Glasgow piercing studio an Howie did her mods. Shes lovely and adorable and very bright , contrary to some of the opinions in these comments.

  18. She is cute, and I agree “sounding stupid” is the way I am with normal folks. I know it doesn’t help the mod culture as a group, but I just don’t care. I simply don’t want to take the large amount of time it would take to explain why I do what I do to random folks. I usually just blow them off as I am walking away. I do it nicely, but I just kind of say simple things like “because”.

    I have strong and at least what I think are good reasons for everything, but every jackass that asks me about my stuff doesn’t need to know that. And really with how many people want to stop and talk to me, I’d spend half my life explaining myself.

  19. I watched some of the other episode clips from the show on youtube. There is another episode where an extremely pierced couple are both made over. Starting with all of their piercings. The show is relatively amusing, with one really irritating factor; the show’s premise is that they give “makeunders” to people with FAKE beauty. This is an attempt to restore NATURAL beauty. Obviously this particular episode struck a nerve with me, as I don’t look at modification in the same way as I look as 40 gallons of makeup, high heels, and lipstick. What’s interesting, is while most of the people “helped” by the show often keep their new look, the pierced couple replaced all their jewelry as well as counterculture fashion almost immediately following the show.

  20. Hah, she’s super cute – and way to handle that daft computer host thing, eh ?

    And now, let us never speak of that retarded television programme again.

  21. psh thats a well shit show, shes well pretty and her mods are nic, not overpowering or anything. then again, bbc3 has always been known to show the progams that arent clever enough for bbc1 and 2..

  22. I know her and Howie did her mods as well. I think he is in on it!

    @Nadi, I write post for Modblog and answer questions on AskBme, aside from that I have nothing to do with BME or the updates. I can tell you that Rachel is busting her ass getting the new site ready to launch and as soon as it does, things should be better than ever. For now, be patient, and be happy BME is updating even if the front page image is not :)

  23. the talking camera is called POD (personal overhaul device) and she didnt do ANYTHING to her. basically she walked in, in her normal clothes and then POD spotted the wrist tattoo she had and asked what else was going on under her clothes.

  24. Roo, Dunebug is right about Mr Bean being far more popular in the US.
    Us Brits preferred Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder.

    …I’ve never watched snog marry avoid, it sounds dreadful

  25. Nic – I had no idea it was even known in the US, cool stuff.

    I love Blackadder too, especially series three! I always cry at the end of series four..

  26. That girl have Howie written all over her! Damn, like we needed to name drop him to figure out those hearts and placements!

  27. @Sean Philips – Thanks for the update! Good to know. And, I’m definitely happy Modblog is updating, don’t you worry :)

  28. i have a cunning plan.

    thing is to be on the show, if you dont put yourself forward…. it means a friend or family member has put you forward.

    i’d shoot anyone who put me forward for this….OR id go on and give POD hell.

  29. I kinda like this show…
    Its mainly the overly fake-tanned people wearing belts as tops.

    My favourite was the guy with the head transdermals.
    His ‘make-under’ involved a rather tall hat…

    (I wish my teachers were that cool too)

  30. The best parts are at the beginning of the clip, “rat crawling up your drainpipe” and “tits on your arm” :-D

    I didn’t care for her responses, ie. rats are awesome, etc. because they’re not very informative, but in all honesty, if I was in that situation, I’d do the same thing. POD obviously doesn’t approve of her mods, and if I’m around someone that I don’t think is actually interested, I’d just say basic stuff to blow them off.

  31. It’s already been said that Mr. Bean enjoyed more popularity in the U.S. In return we have fucking Friends on every hour. Glass houses stones?

    And BBC Three (from where the clip derives) is a channel aimed at teenagers.

  32. thats bbc3 dudes not bbc1. And when the hell did bbc 3 become ‘aimed at teenagers’?”! Lies!
    I am dumbfounded by you people who don’t know what snog means. Gah!
    I love this programme, despite it working on the shock factor thing and me not being easily shocked.
    But its mainly aimed at the Jordan/Jodie Marsh ‘clone army’ with the occasional modded person thrown in for diversity…
    She is a cool teacher. POD is a prick and wouldn’t listen to genuine reasons/explanations anyway!

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