Goodbye Horses

Remember that classic scene in Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill tucked his manhood between his legs and danced to  ”Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus?

Well my friends, Buffalo Bill’s pathetic attempt at infibulation has nothing on BME Hard Bonus Gallery contributor Cyn.


For the full monte, keep on keeping on.




20 thoughts on “Goodbye Horses

  1. I have never commented on any of the photos here but this was just too cute to not say anything. :)

  2. i mean, you could hit on all sort of people with that. like… “wouldn’t you like to know what goes on in between my legs?”
    i’d say yes.

  3. dude i think you solved the best way for the speedo folks/ballet dancers/ and drag queens who don’t like tucking! For those folks, you just discovered the most effective way to make a bulge less revealing. But Idk how many would be willing to get their sack pierced up like that though.

  4. Use a collection of Stainless Steel padlocks with different keys then hide them all in different places. Could be the ultimate chastity device How Cruel LOL!

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