Better late than never news

Here we are again with just a few body modification related news items:

The Baltimore Sun has an article up about fine arts students entering the world of tattooing.

IAM member pwapwap sent in this story about a man who was cremated before his request, to have his tattoos preserved, could be carried out.

In Pennsylvania, a dog groomer has been found guilty for attempting to sell “gothic kittens” online.

Finally, I have an article about a man arrested for tattooing a baby.

That’s all for now ModBlog. There may not be any news next weekend since it’s my birthday and I will be out of town. Speaking of my birthday, it also happens to be the deadline for getting in your BME Internship 2.0 application! February 20th, folks, I get older and you get your last chance to submit an application for what promises to be a very cool adventure.

22 thoughts on “Better late than never news

  1. Why does tattooing a 1 year old baby carry the same maximum sentence as piercing a cats ears?

    Just goes to show you that there really are some sick people in the world. How could anyone do that to a baby? Not that piercing a cats ear is OK, but tattooing a fucking baby..

    I hope everyone in prison knows what he is in for when he gets convicted.

  2. Stupid of the woman to pierce the ears of the kittens, but come on, could be facing 5 yrs in prison, that’s a bit exaggerated.. The story about the baby was upsetting too, but didn’t really shock me, much worse things going on out there. (Oh no am i being cynical)

  3. A for ass. That guy is a douche.

    Even if the cat lady’s sentence might be a little exaggerated i hope she gets all 5 five years and never let her near another animal. besides the piercings thats a horrible way to dock a cat’s tail. BTW just because they have piercings they have to be gothic kittens, WTF?! = \

  4. I actually posted a link to the gothic kitten story on my Facebook, but no one wanted to discuss it because I said something unpopular. I related the piercing of an innocent kitten to being roughly the same thing as adults dragging tiny infants to those nasty piercing stands in the mall and forcing them to get pierced. I don’t care who it is you’re forcing mods on, child or animal, it is WRONG! But yet, when people read the kitten story they are up in arms and enraged, yet these are the same people that make googly-eyed comments about an infant with brand-new diamond studs in her ears. If you’re upset about the kitten, be upset about the infant too! None of it is right!!!! Mods are not a thing to be forced on anyone!

  5. Feral cats in as part of trap and release programs routinely get dermal punched so that they’re permanently identified as having already been through the program. However, that happens in a vet’s office with good medical justification. So, to me, it’s not really an issue of healing the piercing, but of consent. I’m pretty sure she could have gotten away with this had she used a channel more appropriate for illegal goods and services than eBay.

    Raefaela, she probably thinks anything pierced and black is goth. I’d speculate that if a vegan were to have visited her for dinner, she’d serve the veggies from the pork roast.

    If the guy who tattooed a baby tattooed a gang sign on said baby (like the last father in the news for this same kind of lapse of judgment), he deserves the maximum penalty under law plus a few highly visible tattoos from the cellblock’s tattooist in residence applied under similar circumstances.

  6. Isn’t it ironic that the woman could go to jail for piercing kittens ears when they do that every day to farm animals? Dogs are still regularly tattooed for identification purposes, much like the tags in a cow or pig’s ears or a ring put through a bulls nose instead of having to use a halter.

    I don’t think our tax dollars should go towards prosecuting a woman for making “designer animals”. I don’t see how that is any worse than the puppy/kitty mills that are pumping out inbred unhealthy pets on a daily basis.

  7. It reminds me if those stores that sell “micro” breeds. (Smaller than teacup breeds, which is smaller than toy)Those type of dogs have such short lifespans and what they have of life is usually very painful. They have underdeveloped livers, lungs, and other organs. People only get them because they’re so cute. It is similar. One thing I don’t understand is how you could actually do the piercing. I know my dog yelps at the slightest accident or even when i brush through his hair. Piercing him would be so excruciating for an animal I don’t know how you could go through with it (and do it multiple times).

    As far as tattooing animals at the vet, I don’t really find it as bad. For one, the animals are anesthetized, and if the animal is lost, it prevents the pound or animal shelter from giving it another spay surgery. The vets do this because it is in the best interest of the animal, not because its fun or cool. The animal can’t talk and tell it’s new owner “Hey, I had my ovaries removed” so a tattoo can prove to be more useful than you think.

  8. I just read an article about the woman and the cats, it said the cats had problems with balance, hearing and some other things too (which i can’t recall anymore), and that they were basically sliced and altered in multiple ways. So it’s not the same as piercing the ears of a little child in a professional parlor (though i’d wait till a child is at least big enough to voice their own opinion)

  9. I can’t believe someone would tattoo a fucking baby…

    And I’m also very against people piercing their babies and young children’s ears. 99% of the time it’s in a claire’s in the mall with a piercing gun. When my child is old enough to make the decision themselves and I believe them able to properly care for ear piercings, it would be considered then. I had ear piercings pushed upon me and I resented my father for it for years because I didn’t want them, he did.

  10. When we assume the role of companion and provider for an animal, we take on responsibility for it’s well being, I have three cats, they are all spayed and neutered because there are few enough homes for companion animals as it is, and it will enormously decrease their risks of various cancers and other diseases. I will defend my decision to spay and neuter my cats but I would never declaw them or pierce their ears. Nor did they come from a breeder.
    To brush aside this behaviour because other, worse things happen to animals at our hands is comparable to saying we shouldn’t prosecute bag snatchers because bank robberies happen.
    Because puppy mills exist we shouldn’t waste our time on these silly little pierced kittens? Neither of those things are ok, both should be subject to prosecution. Many people seem to forget that it IS possible to care about more than one thing.
    I don’t understand the problem with the same maximum sentence given for the crimes against the kitten and the baby, both are in response to an act carried out on a living creature that was unable to give consent, species is not the issue.

    “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can do only a little” – Sydney Smith

    Another story in a similar vein:

  11. What’s the difference in between piercing your daughter ears or tattooing her a lill symbol ?

    What’s more cruel, eating KFC knowing the condition they rise their chicken or having a cat with a pierced ear ?

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