IAM members in the news

It’s always great to see the folks in our community getting some recognition in the news for one reason or another when that news happens to be positive.  Such is the case with the two stories I have to share with you today.

The first is about Al OverdriveThe Quietus has an article up featuring a playlist from Al and a discussion about his book, No Commercial Value.  Books can be purchased directly from Al, here.


Nae, who you may recognize as one of the BME World Tour finalists, has been featured in a story from The Michigan Daily about body modification in Ann Arbor.

Photo by Sam Wolson

Photo by Sam Wolson

21 thoughts on “IAM members in the news

  1. Wow! Al, I really liked your interview and photographs! I’m passing it along to some of my friends right now :)

  2. Now, I’m not bashing the artist here, or the way the picture was taken. I’m solely pointing out something that I noticed right from the get-go.
    If you’re going to point a gun at somebody, be it their torso, face, finger, penis, head, or neck, or even have it at “point blank” range for that matter, in any of these scenarios, shouldn’t you have your finger on the trigger or the hammer cocked back like you’re actually going to use the gun?

  3. Nae has absolutely stunning artwork… I found the list of artists in the comment section but who did what?

  4. #3, semi-automatics are double action, you don’t need to pull back the hammer before you pull the trigger. And his finger does appear to be on the trigger, big no no, you can’t unpull the trigger if you didn’t mean to actually shoot someone. Gun safety 101. I’m more offended at the photographer’s choice in using a cheap pistol in his picture, lol, chrome guns are soooo ghetto.

  5. nae, jaime and jerome – Thanks for the feedback on this one…..

    Alas, due to living in the UK it is prety hard to get hold of a decent looking pistol (regardless of what the news papers keep telling you, I still cant find one for £30 on the streets off some nasty-little hoodrat ;) so we had to substitute with a air-pistol.

    Joking aside, thnaks for taking the time to comment.

  6. I also think calling someone fat is pathetic. Fat or otherwise I think the picture, the modifications, and the person they are attached to are beautiful.

  7. I know I have pudge and I really don’t care if someone calls me fat, but I wear size 0 pants. I am 5’1″ and weigh 109 lbs right now. There should be a ruler up there somewhere. Oh well, I go to bed happy and that’s what matters :)

  8. Looks absolutely stunning. Despite the fairly minimal colour pallette it has a real vibrancy.

    You know though, if you think you have a pudge you should investigate the Dormatron. It uses biorhytmic subconscious gymnastics to burn off lard while you are asleep.



    Since at least somebody is sure not to get this, please try googling it or playing GTA3 before you call me an asshole. I am an asshole, but for entierly different reasons.

  9. Al, I didn’t realize you were in the U.K. The pic looks good considering what you were working with, I’ve heard about the not always fair gun regulations there. If you want to do another photoshoot featuring firearms just come to the U.S. (Our newspapers would have you believe everyone and their grandma has a gun here.)

    P.S. the pic from the Melvins show is fantastic!

  10. Wow, very vibrant colours!
    And jeez, if this is considered fat in the US, there’s seriously something wrong with your standards.
    Nae, please don’t defend yourself by saying you have pudge, and telling us your size, weight and pants size. From what I can see you have a great feminine body, definitely not fat. Defending yourself for something that’s not true, gives that commenter what s/he wants.

  11. That article on body modification in Michigan was probably the best representation of body modification I’ve read that was written by some one outside of the community. Nae carried herself really well in the article, pretty impressive!

  12. The fact that Nae felt she had to justify and give details or her body size and height is disgusting. In a community as close as this, it’s surprising that there is no moderation upon messages with a clear bullying tone.

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