Witty titles fail me today

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good looking boy standing by some train tracks. It just so happens that Georgio fits the bill. The colour in his tattoos is really eye catching.


62 thoughts on “Witty titles fail me today

  1. His poor lobe.
    I almost cried when I saw it :’(
    He reminds me of a friend who had their 2″ lobes ripped in a pit.

  2. grace, my guess is that he had 2 stretched lobes. judging from his left ear he probably had to reconstruct the right one. just a theory though. i like his tattoo work

  3. I really hate it when people have one giant stretched earlobe. Also it looks wicked messed up anyway.

    But his tattoos look nice and I like his shirt

  4. I am choosing to ignore the ear and instead focus on the fact that i want to nibble on him (first must find a place not covered in beautiful tattoos)

  5. he has both his lobes streached
    if you look carefully you will see he has the other ear aswell.

  6. i just can’t get past the wrecked earlobe. how could you do that to your lobe?!? and more importantly why is he still wearing jewelry in it? that shit needs fixed.

  7. It kinda looks like he only stretched one ear…Could that be right? Or is he just not wearing anything in it?

    On a seperate note, I fucking love his shirt! Nothing conttradicts religion with the Virgin Mary smoking a joint, or cigarette, with a nipple sticker, surrounded by a ring of pot leaves…Nothing better :)

  8. more importantly than wearing jewellery in it, why is he still stretching it?! with a nice few wraps of what i think is PTFE around it…

  9. I may be on crack, but I sear his right lobe looks bigger than normal – I think I can see the edge of a Kaos skin colored hider?

    Either way – fucking sick tatties, love the piccie.

  10. Hello guys! =]. andd noo my other ear is not stretch it “was” stretched but it ripped on me so i got it reconstructed.
    And for the other ear i got it reconstructed too about 2 weeks ago =/

    but if you would like to know more ADD me on Myspace =]


  11. That is Georgie. He had both lobes stretched to that size, and now has both reconstructed. I’m not sure why he only had 1 reconstructed to begin with, but they’re both done now.

  12. Joeltron, I think you’re right. I was thinking that the right one *was* indeed stretched, just not to the same size as the other.

    So, basically this guy just made me cream. That throat tattoo looks sooo gooooddd ::drools::

  13. his ears alittle messed up but i like the one stretched ear look its cute on guys i love it ,id go gay for him.

  14. lol cause everyone in this thread has perfect ears, or hasn’t messed up once. Ohh Okay

    kids adorable

  15. I figure its super hard when one of your ears rip, especially when you’ve been working on them for a long time. I’d probably hold on to the other one and start to stretch again. Its his body so whatever.. he can do what he wants. People are way too judgmental these days!

  16. People who have uneven ears look really horrible. If you are stupid and rip a lobe thats one thing, but why would you keep stretching the other when its in such bad condition also?

  17. I like his tats and t-shrit. Just cool!))) Aeeee!)))But one stretched earlobe without another… man… I don’t like it. Plus, his ear looks bad…((( Brrr. But, tattoos and t-shirt are so nice)

  18. Wow I think its funny how he responded about his ears and almost everyone that commented after it was too stupid to notice before opening their big mouths

  19. why is getting it reconstructed automatically an ‘out’ for anyone with fucked up lobes? why does reconstructing them make it okay to stretch improperly to get to that point in the first place? i’ll never understand.

  20. #22 Sara: you’re not alone! one of my lobes is at 3/4″ and the other is no longer stretched/pierced. I hope to stretch it again but you’re def not the sole single-lober (lober? errrgh? haha).

    anywhoo, love his look. :D

  21. All you assholes behind your keyboards with your keloids and blowouts can shut up! this kid is hottness. I looked it up in the dictionary and right there was his picture! hand to god!

    Mistakes are made, weve all done them. the picture is great, he looks great, and I wouldnt mind rolling over every morning and seeing that! lol

  22. 51 – Agreed, although my ears are no where near perfect, small blowouts on both, you cant tell unless I show you and his really do ruin his other mods.

    Hotness none the less, im sure in a month or two with some reconstruction he could be on bmeboys calender :)

  23. Yeah! I get that all the time, people asking why I only have one… What they don’t realize is everybody has a story. My other ear is damaged from an earring being ripped out when I was 5… In fact, that was the whole reason I started gauging the one ear!

    I think he looks great!

  24. people commenting on this need to thing of his point of view, he probably lost his right lobe due to an infection, and had/has a hard time parting with the other, i mean, he did only spend 2+ years making it that big, in my opinion, no it doesn’t look great, but if i lost a lobe it’d be hard to part with the other, oh wait, it did. maybe that’s why i understand. mine just weren’t that large.

  25. dude georgie, why cant these fools just read why u reconstructed?are these people so blunt to judge others by the way they look.damn people shut the f* up he’s made mistakes, i’ve made mistakes, and you behind your keyboard has definately made mistakes.shut the f* up, its a site where people can come show their mods, and not be judged.if your so close minded just give your account to someone who actually respects others and their choices!!!!!point said!!!

  26. There are so many things that was photoshopped here and you people can’t tell the difference.

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