Did that hurt?

“Did that hurt?”, is the bane of every visibly modified persons existence.  However, when asked in a more detailed and honestly inquisitive manner, I don’t mind nearly as much. For instance when another curious tattooed person ask about my head tattoos, I always answer honestly. The right side was excruciatingly  painful and the left side was only mildly torturous. So I have much respect for anyone I see with heavy coverage on their head, such as this bright leopard print head tattoo by Ben Riegle, Off the Map, Easthampton,Ma


36 thoughts on “Did that hurt?

  1. I’ve seen a lot of tattoos. And many of them aren’t THAT impressive. but this one is just…..it really made me take a step back and just admire the colors. and pattern. and placement. lovely. just simply stunning.

  2. Did anyone else notice the cartilage piercing? It isn’t quite a rook or a daith, but kind of in between. Like an extra ridge in her ear and she got it pierced

  3. i wonder how long it took. is it possible she sat through it all in one sitting? damn girl, you are a tough beech.

  4. Mr. Mister – That was the first thing I noticed too, and started feeling around in my ear for what that could be. Heh.

  5. i recently shaved one side of my head and was thinking i should definately get something tattooed on my head. i wouldn’t get this, but she has some balls if she sat through this in one sitting.

  6. Personally, I didn’t think that my scalp was that painful. Behind and below the ear sucked a little, but the rest was just an annoying vibration that felt vaguely like someone scratching a sunburn. Healing was sucky though; I ruined a pillow when ink and blood soaked through the plastic. I’m only tattooed on the left side of my head/neck though, and it’s primarily line work, so take it for what it’s worth.

  7. Sean I know EXACTLY what you mean…from the questions asked to my response funnily enough as well…parts of my left side hurt like a bitch…but my right eye stars…nope nothing hahaha

    my scalp was an odd one too…

    but that work is bitching!

  8. I like it and all the jazz. But what happens when she gets sick of that hairdo? I surely cant see her with that exact style for the remainder of her life.

  9. you can’t see it because you don’t know her. quit jumping to conclusions.
    and even if she did, then who says she can’t grow her hair?

  10. #14, it’s a changeable look! If she ever gets sick of the tattoo or wants to get a job where she’s not allowed show off her tattoos, she can grow her hair back. I think it would be very convenient!

    I like the tattoo and all, but that outlandish cartilage piercing just totally blows my mind! I love seeing piercings through bits of ear that nobody else has, like that 3- or 4-point vertical industrial that was Modblogged a while back…
    It’s such an awesome piercing! Does it have a name? It’s halfway between a rook and a daith, so could it be a raith? pronounced like wrath? That would sound so badass.

  11. Linguistic nerd question: Does anybody know the origin of the word ‘daith’? It sounds Scottish or Irish Gaelic to me, but I can’t find its etymology from casual Google searching.

    In any case, I think both the piercing and tattoo are impressive.

  12. Liz,

    ‘The actual root word of the piercing is the “da’at”, a part of the Kabbalistic tree of life traditionally representing the union of wisdom and understanding. In more modern times daath has come to represent the void or the abyss (“the sacred nothing”), or the hole left behind when Malkuth fell out of the Garden of Eden’

    Taken from BME encyclopedia.

  13. Just stumbled on this article about historical tattoos. Might not be the most related to this post, but I figure someone(s) might find it interesting, science and history and all

    Tattoos | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine
    “history of tattoos and their cultural significance to people around the world, from the famous ” Iceman,” a 5,200-year-old frozen mummy, to today’s Maori.”

  14. i will never no y them stupid bits of haiir on the side could ever look gd n that head tattoo jesus wut a lemon

  15. Hi Dean, troll much? Wut i luv moost abt trolz iz that they cant speel. Wut a buncha idjits.

  16. I reeealy think it should have faded off int her scalp like it does down the side of her head.
    It looks really weird that its a big bold line following her hair line :/

  17. This is, in fact, my head :) This pic was taken RIGHT after it was finish. My friend Ben did a wonderful job and as much as he would like me to admit it hurt real bad, I was brutal and took it like a champ. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought, although pain is different for everyone. I keep the sides of my head shaved down low so it just peaks out and I fucking love it :) And as for my ear-its neither a daith nor a rook-i have a piece of ear that no one else has, except for my mother. Punks not dead!

  18. (”Did that hurt?”, is the bane of every visibly modified persons existence. However, when asked in a more detailed and honestly inquisitive manner, I don’t mind nearly as much. For instance when another curious tattooed person ask about my head tattoos, I always answer honestly.)

    - So basically, you would answer that question for another visibly modified person yet is someone with no visible mods asked you you would either lie or not show them the same respect as someone who is modded? I find that ridiculous. As a body piercer I get asked that question millions of times daily yet I have the decency to give people an honest opinion every time. BME is gradually going downhill; it’s preached about respect each other; how BME is a ”community built around principles of tolerance” yet if even the editor shows a lack of tolerance for people who are curious about the pain then where does that leave the rest of this community?

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