The Great Mustachio!

Aka The Great Orbax. When I first posted about March Mustache Madness, tons of submissions came in. In fact all of my personal emails, and my IAM inbox are overflowing with mustaches now. However, when Orbie messaged me on facebook and said:

Moustache madness and I haven’t even been contacted…. thanks Sean.

ya big jerk :P

I felt bad, he’s right though, how could I even consider making a mustache feature without Orbax, the man who has rocked a handlebar for years, way before it became a modern trend.

A lot of people credit Oliver Peck for the modern resurgence of the handlebar mustache, but really we all know he was just ripping off Orbax. In fact all of you owe your upper lip greatness to the man behind the stache. Hell not even 3rd degree burns could end the greatness of his most epic mustache.

So let us take a moment to pay tribute to the one, the only The Great Orbax.






13 thoughts on “The Great Mustachio!

  1. yes sean how could you forget the great orbax like that….he’s right…you are a jerk :p

    anyway, I love that weird coloured eye (sorry lil waynes world 2 moment then)

    I say the tash in the first pic is at its best…well done that man!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE ORBAX! hes hot.. and i like his moustache.. and his act is very entertaining..

  3. What a nutter – that’s part of his appeal by the way!

    Would love to make it to one of his shows someday.

  4. wow eric can I touch your face fuzz…that is AWESOME..the green of your skin and the darkness of your beard actually work REALLY well…welldone cutey..

    oh and I do like that old pic of you when you had ‘normal’ looks..pftt!! hurrah for later on looks :p

  5. when i loked at this pic yesterday, i didnt even notice he had a fork in his nose. awesome!

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