Mall rats

A lot of people are under the impression you can only get mass produced crap at the mall. I see where they are coming from, most the independent stores with different, interesting stuff have pretty much vanished, and in their place are chain stores selling out the subcultures.

However, in  Edmonton, Alberta Canada there is a mall called  West Edmonton Mall

and in that mall is a tattoo and piercing studio called Dragon FX

and in  that studio is a man by the name of Wayde….

and Wayde creates some of the best scarification in the world, such as this piece he recently did.


And all of the sudden the mall doesn’t seem like such a lame place.

52 thoughts on “Mall rats

  1. I didnt know how I felt about tattoo shops in malls when I first became aware of them, but after going to one and seeing things such as these I think its great.

    w00t for not being the only person getting stared at in malls anymore!

  2. i don’t like the idea of tattoo shops in the mall. 2 just opened up by my house, and i feel like it really just doesn’t belong. however, i’m not saying that a mall shop wont produce good work-this scar piece is fucking fantastic!

  3. This piece is amazing! Who cares if its at the mall, look at the quality of work being produced! Good job Wayde!!! :)

  4. LOL I saw the glass bricks in the background and thought “Hey! That’s DFX!”

    Dragon FX is amazing and absolutely should not fall into the mall shop stereotype.

  5. Oh my God! That is so beautiful! Its so clean and perfect… makes me seriously consider a trip to Canada. :)

  6. Another great piece from Wayde, yes, but my curiosity about how suspension/pull scars might look has also now been satisfied.

  7. @bikenut: Those hook scars look considerably more gnarly than mine, and most others I’ve seen…

  8. ^ i hope you joking about having cut into this persons back, its added by the person who posts it onto modblog, by computer, its not a cutting.

  9. It’s gonna be a pain in the ass healing. I recently got my arm scaryfied and simple mooving it around was BAD, and whole back, wow! Imagine every twist, standing up and sitting down hurts ALOT! nontheless a stunning work :D cheers!

  10. actually, I think the best time to get cut like this is when you break a leg or something, so you will be lying still for at least a week:P

  11. i live in edmonton and there are only shop i would go to. dragon fx not being one of them. i’ve only heard bad things about them. i never been, tho. starting to reconsider after seeing this amazingly good work. the proof is in the pudding,…right? …

  12. i dunno if there’s the same people working there now, but when i went there 5 years ago they gave me a very crooked labret piercing.
    i was not a fan.

  13. How about a shop in a GAS STATION? That’s what kind of monstrosities occur around my town

  14. That is beautiful. I wouldn’t care where a piercing shop was located, I would walk into it, check it out and THEN decide if I liked it or not.

  15. @gandy…I had to look again actually cos for a second I honestly thought “Wow someone has been so stupid to ruin a good piece by getting under the piece!”…haha im a retard :p

    On the other note, that is a fecking! awesome cutting…its so huge, I can only imagine how it felt afterwards when the ‘high’ of getting the piece wears off….ouch lol

  16. if im honest i can see how people would mistake it, it dose look kinda like its cut :P one of the better suiting fonts for a post i feel

  17. Knowing that my bmezine tag fooled more than one of you even for a second fills me with pride. Now I’m back to making fake cumshot pictures of celebrities. Cheers!

  18. i hate dragon fx, both locations. everytime i go there i get treated very rudely by the front staff. i can relate to memphis, i was there a few years ago to get my conch pierced and the piercer was a huge cow. they seem to be doing well, judging by that awesome piece i hope they got better staff.

  19. you don’t even have to read the notes, something of that quality, you know it’s Wayde Dunn

  20. About a year ago, I almost puked everytime when I saw all the scarification and flesh removal stuff on BMEzine, but I couldn’t stop watching and today I’m fascinated about it. This piece is definatly one of the coolest I’ve ever seen! Great details.

    Unfortunatly if it heals scars don’t look that good anymore in my opinion… This is why I like tattoos more :(

  21. Thanks everyone… Always appreciated.
    This procedure took a little over four hours.

    And just to let everyone know.. Both Dragon FX locations are now under new management and alot of positive changes have been made. For those of you in the Edmonton area, feel free to stop by anytime to check us out and say g’day.

  22. Whoo, amazing work as usual! ^-^ This is making me miss Edmonton even more, especially now that Dragon FX is back to being awesome and damn good. :D

  23. WOW. THIS IS THE BEST SCARIFICATION I HAVE EVER SEEN. SOOOO much better that that LunaCobra Crew. Wade you are Amazing…

  24. beautiful beautiful. hope it heals and shows! my only regret in scarification (i have a piece by wayde as well) is that i didn’t irritate it enough and it is very very hard to see.

  25. Wayde, this looks AMAZING!!

    To everyone who knows about the reputation held by Dragon FX in the past, Wayde is now managing the WEM location and Lexci Million is manager of Kingsway.

    I would trust them both with my life, they’ve done so much to turn the shops around!!

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