Poop Happens

Nothing unites a group of friends more than a love of poop.


These scat-astic tattoos were done at  Alleycat Tattoo in Washington, MO. The first, third, and fouth were done by Francine Adams, the second was done by Amelia Mccormack.

PS: Seeing all of this poop on people’s fingers really makes me want to get a major touch up on my Dirty Sanchez finger tattoo.

11 thoughts on “Poop Happens

  1. Start submitting more images! Modblog is only as good as the submissions BME gets. I can’t just pull stuff from the internet w/o permission :)

  2. Of course you can, you’re BMEzine and you shouldn’t afraid of anything.

    In any case, that is one way to secure your friendships.

  3. Definitely need more post on modblog. It’s disappointing to wake up in the morning and not see anything new :( haha

  4. aww! So fun to see some of my buddies up on here :P I can say that the Alley Cat crew is notorious for getting both joke tattoos, and buddy tattoos, so these are no surprise to me!

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