It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Sitting in an airport seemed as good a time as any to post something on ModBlog.  Rachietartz sends us this corseted photo, telling BME, “I tie myself.”  I’m a sucker for a pretty picture and I really like her facial piercings.  They seem to add to the intrigue!


Photo by Reagan Lam.

22 thoughts on “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

  1. Look at the ”N” in zine and look at her scalp. Seriously, what is that? Seriously!

  2. @Jesse: When you get your hair freshly braided, (or in this case dread extensions) if you want them to stay in longer, they have to be braided in very tight. The first week or so, your scalp sometimes looks pulled up like that. REALLY painful, but her dreads look awesome!

    Lovely piercings, but I’d prefer to see that corset a little bit tighter. ;)

  3. @Diva – I actually have a 29 inch waist naturally, and the corset in the photo is an almost closed 24. I’m working on getting into a 22! :)

  4. @Jesse – My dread extensions were braided in only one to two days prior to this photoshoot. They go in pretty tight, giving the effect of a pulled scalp.

  5. ….makes me miss my undercut more and more! I wish I was talented enough to tie myself.

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