22 thoughts on “All tied up

  1. Not intending this to start any sort of a flame war, just some sincere input – the commentary on the image seems a bit… rushed. i realize submissions do not always have a tremendous amount of info along with them, but that just seemed sort of… boring. i DO like the photo though, it’s a cool idea.

  2. It was rushed but I wanted to post the photo before I went out. I know it was kind of blah but it’s about the photo more than anything I have to say anyway (at least that’s what we’re going to say for today). :)

  3. i wanna know if piercings are connected to his hands or to the underside of her boobs… i think it’s his hands, but I can’t quite tell.

  4. Sorry, there’s no nudity in the photo so I didn’t think it needed to be behind a click through…

  5. This is a temporary piercing done @ the Massachusetts Tattoo and Arts Festival in March of 2009.. there are two piercings in her hips, and 8 piercings done along the side of his hands/fingers.. These piercings were only worn for a period of a few hours then removed..
    Thank you Pistol Photography for shooting it !

  6. They are attached to his hands. If you look closely, on his left hand just below his small finger’s knuckle one of the rings is definately tugging his hand skin down.
    Nice photo. Couple photo’s are always nice. I also noticed the almost identical piercings, that and how much that boy seems to like symmetry in his body modifications.

  7. the lace is braided through and then attached vis piercing to his hands and his hands are covering her chest this is a cool interesting couples photo.

  8. Hey look its me!!! Thank you Rob Hill your amazing and thanks to the guys down @ Pistol Photography you guys are nice as hell and did an AMAZING job on our pictures.

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